10 Instagram-Worthy Baby Shower Cakes

Before a baby enters the world, many people have a baby shower. This is a time when loved ones can gather around and celebrate this exciting time in life and equip expecting parents with all the tools and goodies they will need for this next chapter (since babies require so many products).

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At a baby shower, there will be presents, there might be games, and there has to be a cake, as no shower is complete without one! While everyone loves cake, it will also be the highlight of photos from the big day, so get inspired by these Instagram-worthy baby shower cakes.

10 Circus

A circus is a magical place and event, one with iconic sights, acts, smells and moments. That being said, a circus-themed baby shower would be quite magical, and it could work for either a baby boy or a girl.

The refreshments would be fun to get together for this theme since circuses are known for snacks like popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy, and there could even be a centerpiece like this cake, with vivid colors, pennants acting as toppers and multiple levels that show off certain circus scenes. This would definitely get some likes online!

9 Geode

Another cake idea that can work for either gender is a geode cake. These are all the rage right now, and they're almost too pretty to eat! These cakes get chunks taken out of them, and then sparkly candies are inserted, to make it look like a crystal is waiting inside of this marbleized masterpiece.

A modern and classy baby shower could center around a cake like this (in blue or in a different color, such as pink for a girl or the expecting person's/couple's favorite color), and some incredible photographs would come out of it all, too.

8 Sugar & Spice

They say girls are made out of sugar and spice and everything nice, and this next cake takes that phrase and runs with it… Buttons from fashionable clothing items, flowers from beautiful gardens and candies straight from a yummy shop all act as decorations on this tiered treat.

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All of these edible pieces pop against the white background, and the iconic phrase is written out in icing, on a pink ribbon that wraps around the entire thing. This is another one that looks almost too good to eat… almost.

7 Princess

An additional idea for a baby shower cake at an event for a baby girl is up next. Roses, pearls, diamonds and a crown come together to make up the most luxurious cake ever - something that looks like it was made for a fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Real Housewives.

The mom who is into fashion, glamour and the finer things in life and who is getting ready to pass it all on to her child deserves a girly treat like this. And the floral background behind the cake and the other refreshments around the cake help to make this shower even more special.

6 Prince

Boys can have designer items and pretty things, too, for sure, so this is the blue version of that royalty-themed cake! It has a whimsical vibe, as the varied layers are tilting and angled. There are boxes that appear to be opening, flowers that are spilling out, and print on everything that oozes luxury.

Even the big bow on the front of the cake has a tone-on-tone print that looks like it is straight off the runway. This would definitely be a show-stopping photo opp at any baby shower.

5 Bee

A cute theme for a baby shower is “what will it bee”, as everything can be decorated in black, white and yellow/gold, with adorable little bees on everything, as everyone wonders if a boy or girl is on the way. It is easy to imagine striped napkins, playful bees hanging from the ceiling, honey as a party favor and then the highlight of it all… this hive cake!

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All of those layers of frosting come together to make a hive (with bees on it and honey oozing out of it), and guests will greatly enjoy getting to eat a piece of this work of art.

4 Rainbow

Another festive and gender-neutral idea is a rainbow cake, and this one, well, takes the cake! First, it has rainbow sprinkles on the bottom of it, which are so fun. Then, it has a rainbow pennant at the top of it, to make it even more exciting. On top, there are more sprinkles, as well as colorful pieces of candy.

And then inside of this cake, every layer is a different color. This was practically made for social media, and many expecting parents would surely adore being showered and enjoying a cake like this one (We know we would!).

3 Stars

The night sky and nursery rhymes are both common baby shower themes, so up next is a cake inspired by “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. It could work for either gender. It has multiple layers. It is covered in superstars. It has an ombre effect. And it has 3-D stars and clouds on it, to make it even more magical.

An entire event that was centered around this cake would be a success, for sure, and it would get the recipients excited about singing songs and reading stories to their upcoming addition.

2 Blocks

What is better than one cake at a shower? How about three?! Blocks are a classic children’s toy, one that has been around forever and ever. That being said, a cake inspired by these would be so adorable at a baby shower. They could all be one color or several pastel shades, like here.

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They could all have just numbers, just letters or a combo like these do. They could be stacked atop one another, which would be fun, or they could stand alone as three distinct cakes that offer up their own unique flavors. Yum!

1 Sperm

Of course, some baby showers call for a more humorous approach, as they are for a carefree, hip and silly person/couple, and that is when cakes like this come into play; it is not for everyone, but the right person/couple would absolutely adore it. Instead of being covered in bright colors or featuring sweet sayings or offering up neat add-on items like candies or banners, this one gets straight to the point.

Everyone knows how this baby got here, and this celebrates the circle of life and natural occurrences and this crazy, beautiful time in life! 

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