Instagrammer's Revealing Pregnancy Announcement Photos Banned For ‘Explicit Content’

One pregnant mother is upset and says she’s ‘really scared’ after Instagram banned her account for posting sexually explicit content.

Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel, who live in Byron Bay, Australia, previously made headlines when they announced they’re expecting their first child with a risqué photoshoot. One photo showed the mom-to-be in a lacy bra with her bump on full display, while another showed her lying in a bathtub and her bump sticking out of the water.

But scantily clad outfits and steamy photoshoots are nothing new to these two. With over 300,000 followers, Sally has become somewhat of an Instagram celebrity thanks to her gorgeous photos and sultry selfies. However, the pregnant has since had her account (and thus source of revenue) deleted after the platform said her content was too ‘sexual,’ Yahoo News reports. Her partner’s account is still active, though, with 215,000 followers.

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Sally has since created a new, hopefully, temporary account where she has opened up more about the situation. She says she doesn’t understand how her steamy pregnancy shoot, specifically, was in violation of Instagram’s policy, as her nipples were covered. Since she’s been posting content that’s just as racy for years, the couple believes it was her baby bump that triggered the ban.

Now, the mom-to-be is worried about her financial situation. “I’m really scared, I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared,” Sally said in a video posted online. “I’m so, so disappointed in whoever’s running the show there because I just don’t understand what kind of message that sends out; that Instagram doesn't accept pregnant bodies? Or that being empowered and loving yourself if not ok?”

However, Sally is planning on fighting. She added, “I will not be silenced or agree with Instagram’s absurd censorship rules.”

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But it’s going to be an uphill battle. Sally eventually deleted her explanatory video as she says her husband is now being targeted by Instagram. “Mitch’s account was threatened to be shut down this morning so we are just going to be super easy going,” she explained online.

Mitch has also gone online to defend Sally. “It’s a beautiful photo which tributes the miracle of pregnancy, new life and what it is to be a woman,” he wrote on his account to defend their photoshoot. “I want to be aloud (sic) to follow any women’s experience of pregnancy because it inspires me, it educates me, it helps me see a bigger picture.”

What do you think of Instagram banning Sally’s account? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, Baby Gaga readers.

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