It's National Children's Day (Here Are Our Favorite Ways To Celebrate)

Internation Children's Day is coming up soon! In the United States, we will be celebrating this holiday on June 9, 2019. Children's Day was created to be able to celebrate our children. It is a day to honor them and show them that we care about them and celebrate who they are. We want parents to celebrate their children and we have comprised our top 10 favorite ways to celebrate Children's Day.

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Plan A Picnic In The Park

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Some of the most fun things that you can do as a family doesn't have to be super expensive. Your kids just want to spend time with you. The important part about Children's Day is spending time with your children and showing them how important they are. Maybe a fun activity would be to pack a nice lunch in a cute picnic basket and take your kids to the park.

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You can pick a new park that you have never gone to, or don't go to often. You could pack their favorite sandwiches with possibly a surprise dessert. Your kids will feel so special with all of the little surprises waiting for them. And then when your kids go and play, you should stand up and go play with them. If you are usually reading a book or looking at your phone while they play, it will make them happier if you get in there and join in on the fun.

Throw A Party

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Your kids might get parties on their birthdays. You might throw parties for all the families you know for different holidays. But how about throwing a party just for children for no reason other than to celebrate them? You can create a fun theme, rent a bouncing house, watch a movie, pig out on junk food, play games, or do crafts. Create a party that celebrates all of the children and that allows them to feel like they are wanted, needed and loved. Your kids will love having a party that has no "real" purpose and is just for fun. They will think it is even cooler to be able to celebrate Internation Children's Day with all of their closest friends!

Family Movie Night (With A Sundae Bar)

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Sometimes the most fun comes from spending time as a family without any distractions. Watch a fun family movie. There should be no phones, tablets or other outside distractions. Just you and your family enjoying each other. Create a sundae bar where your children get to pick their ice cream and they get to choose from fun different toppings. You could have different syrups, like chocolate, caramel, or strawberry. You can have a variety of different toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, candies, whip cream, or even peanut butter.

Head To  The Amusement Park

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Why not surprise your kids with bringing them to a local amusement park? A day where they completely feel spoiled. This might not be an option for some families due to the age of the kids, or whether or not your child is out of school yet. Some kids haven't started their summer vacation.

However, if the scheduling works for your family, then how much fun would this be? Spend a day on rides, laughing, spending time with one another, eating junk food and taking a million pictures of your amazing day! Make sure that your kids know how much you love them and care for them. Let your children know that you appreciate the people they are and you are proud of the people they are growing up to be. They will feel so special with this awesome surprise.

Decorate Some Sugar Cookies

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This is one of the best ideas, especially if you have younger children. For some reason, young kids love helping make sugar cookies. Help them be part of the entire process. Let them help make the batter, get fun and exciting cookie cutters that they can cut the cookies, and then let them decorate as they choose.

You can get a whole bunch of fun things to let them decorate their cookies. You can have different colored frostings, cute sprinkles, different candies and even icing for them to draw on their cookies. Sit down with them and watch a movie together while they munch on their masterpieces. Don't clean the kitchen, don't do the dishes, don't do the laundry- just sit down with them.

Stay Away From Your Phone All Day

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How many times does your child look at you and you're swiping your finger through social media? How many times does your child want to show you something fun, but he hears "just a second" because you're writing an email? When is the last time that your child sat down to watch one of their shows and you were completely engaged in their content as well? It is sometimes hard being a parent and phones can help us "get away."

Our kids don't understand that our phones are parent's way of relaxing from the world. They see us on our phones and they view our phones more important than whatever they are doing, which is simply not true. Our kids are the most important people in the world to us and we love them more than all things! Our phones don't even compare to the love we have for our babies. Show your babies how much they mean to you by spending the day with your phone only there for emergencies. Spend the day playing, reading, and being engaged with your children. It's not enough to tell our kids how important they are but to show them how much they mean to us.

Go  To A Children's Museum

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What better way to celebrate children than to go to a children's museum? Your kids will love to go to a museum where they can learn, explore, touch and discover new things. They spend their little lives being told what they can't do, what they can't touch and how to behave. A children's museum lets kids be kids and you don't have to worry about getting into things. At children's museums, they are encouraged to "get dirty" and discover new things. Bring your children somewhere that they can be around children and in an environment that is specifically geared towards them and their learning.

Create A Dance With Your Kids

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One thing that most little children like to do is to choreograph plays and dancing performances. We aren't quite sure why. However, how many music videos and home videos did you make with your friends while you were growing up? What a better way to celebrate children's day them to be part of the fun.

Learn a dance performance with your kid and record it. Your kids will get a kick out of mom, or dad, making a fool out of themselves. They will know that you love them when you are willing to dress up and participate in their craziness. Don't forget to videotape it!

Spend A Day At The Zoo

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Who doesn't like the zoo? The zoo is amazing and is great for all ages! Not only is the zoo tons of fun for young children, but is also a lot of fun for older kids as well. Hey, and it's a lot of fun for adults too! This is certainly a place that is fun for the whole family! Your kids will love that they get to spend the day learning about awesome new animals and spend time with their parents. It is a perfect way to celebrate Children's Day.

Have Fun At Chuck E Cheeses

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Okay, okay, I know, you may not like this place. You might think it's gross and dirty. You might think that the food is overpriced and not very good. However, remember, this day is about your children. They love Chuck E Cheeses. They will love that you took them to a place that they know you might not like very much. They will know how much you love and appreciate them if you take them to a place where they love that they know you hate!

We hope you enjoyed our list and we hope you enjoy International Children's Day, no matter how you choose to celebrate!

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