Man Says Disney Trip Will Be Ruined By Girlfriend's Newborn Niece And Reddit Users Agree

A man asked the internet if he's in the wrong for telling his sister-in-law she can't come on a Disney trip with her newborn, and the internet's reply might surprise you.

The topic of whether adults should visit Disney parks without children has been a hotly debated one over the summer. It all started when a Disney World guest went on a rant about "childless millennials" visiting the park. It had the internet split, and now the argument has taken a new, rather interesting turn.

That's due to the Reddit rant of someone arguing the exact opposite of the original poster. A man referring to himself as DisneyBoundGaston lays out that he is about to embark on a weeklong trip to Disney World and Universal Studios with a close group of friends. One of the rules during the entire planning process is that no children would be allowed to accompany them on the trip.

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Then disaster struck. Someone had to drop out and the organizer's girlfriend suggested her sister fill the spot. Since his sister-in-law would be bringing a newborn baby on the trip, he tried to say no. However, his girlfriend was having none of it, and neither was her sister. That's what prompted DisneyBoundGaston to ask the internet its opinion.

Shockingly, everyone seems to be on his side. Many replies focused on how his girlfriend is the one in the wrong here. That she put him in a tough spot and has not offered up a solution. An Orlando local even highlighted that the city is filled with young adults without kids, and a large chunk of them are obsessed with Disney World. Others informed the Disney-goer of many theme parks rider switch option.

What's even worse for DisneyBoundGaston is what else he had planned for the trip. Apparently, he intended on proposing to his girlfriend on the trip. A lot of the replies to his post on Reddit have advised him to wait until after the trip to do so, and that she doesn't necessarily sound like marriage material. That might be a bit of a stretch, but if she gets wind of his post on Reddit, chances are she won't be saying yes.

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