Intoxicated Man Attempts To Take Baby From Mom In Heated "Tug Of War"

A mother of a new baby was pushing her daughter in a stroller when she was attacked by a drunk man who tried to steal her baby.

Blanca Aucanshala lives in Queens and is a single mother to her 10-month-old daughter. Aucanshala was picking up her daughter at her babysitter's home near 43rd Ave. and 111th St. near Flushing Meadows Corona Park at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday, November 21. She was about to walk into her babysitter's home when she noticed a suspicious man lurking around. She didn't think she was in too much danger. After she picked up her daughter she placed her in the stroller and started walking back to her home. She noticed the same man peeing on a car. She thought, “Another drunk vagrant.”

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She pushed her stroller passed the man and then she felt him attack her from behind. Her initial thought was that he was going to take her purse and rob her but that wasn't the case. The man was trying to steal her baby. “Give me the baby!” the man screamed three times as he wrapped one hand around her back and tried to yank the stroller away with his other, Aucanshala said. She knew that she wasn't going to be able to fight him off on her own. She began having a tug-of-war match with the man. She then saw a man walking by and she started screaming for help. The man immediately ran to help and chased away the robber.

The good Samaritan walked with her for a while until he knew that she was safe, but the bad guy never actually left her alone. He had been following her. She saw him lurking behind a car and so she ran into a 99 cent convenient store and yelled at the cashier to call the police because there was a man who was trying to steal her baby. The sirens finally were heard and it scared the bad man away. She is now completely shaken up by the whole experience and can't believe what happened. “I really am shocked. It’s my daughter. I am trembling," Aucanshala said. "Imagine what it’s like to be a parent and have your child taken away from you. It’s something horrible that I cannot explain.” She continued, “'Why the baby? Just take my phone or purse. Those are things that I can earn back. But not my daughter. That is something sacred that I can’t get back, and it’s my first child.” The mother is understandably very traumatized by the entire experience and she can't believe that she had to go through that.

Police on Saturday released surveillance images of the suspect in the hope that someone recognizes him. The images were taken from an eatery on nearby Roosevelt Ave. after the attempted kidnapping, officials said. The man is described as 5-foot-5 with brown eyes, black hair and a thin build. He wore a green hooded sweatshirt, dark colored pants and red sneakers. Police are offering $2,500 to anybody who has information about the man who tried to take the little baby. “I want him to be where criminals belong because I may not be the only person that this has happened to," said Aucanshala. "I wonder how many mothers this has happened to. I want him to be arrested.”

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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