Having Involved Grandparents Is Essential To My Mental Health

I have no idea how so many people can raise their children without having their parents close. My husband and I have purposely stayed near my parents because I need them! I need them in my life. They are essential to my overall mental health and I am so glad that we live close to them. We live about 10 houses down from them and it has been the best decision for me and my family. If they moved, I think we would follow them!

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My husband and I have four children and they are all pretty young. My oldest is five years old and my youngest is three months. Days are sometimes really long and hard. There are many days where I call my mommy and tell her about how my kids are trying to kill me and that I need a break. My parents give us regular date nights and it is amazing to be able to take a couple of hours where we aren't getting yelled at by little people. Well, we still have to take the newborn because my mom refuses. I try to convince my mom that she drinks from a bottle but we both know I am lying. My daughter is very much attached to her mother.

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Last week I was having one of the worst days that I have had in a long time! My kids were going crazy, they were all being really mean, I had a hurt rib and I was recovering from a root canal. My newborn was crying all day and didn't want to be put down. Then my other children were feeling neglected because I was spending so much time with their baby sister. It was crazy, hard and I broke. I cried that day and I never cry. It was the first time in a long time that my children broke me. I called my mom and she told me to "bring the kids over." We got to go out to dinner for a quick date night just so I could recoup and take a deep breath from the hard day. My parents have saved my sanity hundreds of times.

If we didn't live near my parents then my husband and I would never get any date nights except for when my brother and sister-in-law could watch them. We can't afford any babysitter to watch three children plus go out to eat so we would just never leave the house. I am so glad that my parents love their grandbabies so much and their babysitting services are right in my price range, free! My mental health would be in a much different spot in we didn't have my parents. We are so blessed! I truly believe that grandparents who are involved in their grandbabies' lives is essential to the growth of the babies!

My parents both have full-time jobs and volunteer most of their free time serving others. They give up a lot of their free time to help others and to help my family! One day when I am a grandparent I am excited to be able to return the favor. Hopefully, my kids are close by so that I don't have to fly a million times a year, but I will do it!

Thank you to all of the grandparents out there who make an effort to see their grandbabies. Thank you for watching the kids so mom and dad can go on a vacation and get a break. From a tired mom, we are so grateful for when our parents help us through the good and bad! We love you!

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