Iowa Baby Is Happy And Healthy After Terminal Illness Misdiagnosis

Baby "Mathew The Great" was diagnosed with a brain deformity in utero and he survived. He was not given the best odds, but Mathew was born a happy and healthy little baby boy.

Drew and Ariann Corpstein got pregnant with their first little baby back in 2016. Sadly, that pregnancy led to a miscarriage. Drew and Ariann wanted to try again and were happy to figure out that they would be expecting a second baby, but there was cause for concern. The first sign that the baby had something wrong was with an early blood test. Low iron levels showed that maybe something was a little bit off about the pregnancy. Ariann was given prenatal vitamins to help her body absorb the proper nutrients necessary to help the baby. At 23 weeks the couple was given a diagnostic ultrasound where Drew and Ariann got some unsettling news. Their little baby had malformed brain tissue. When the couple received the phone call they had to pull off to the side of the road and they both cried. "We just held each other for about an hour," Drew said. "It was one of the worst days of our lives." They thought their baby was not going to survive.

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Drew and Ariann decided to enjoy their son's life, no matter how brief. They enjoyed her pregnancy, had a baby shower, and even assembled nursery furniture. The little baby was born on July 29th, 2018. Drew was able to deliver their son Mathew. Once he was born, Drew thought that Mathew was already gone. However, he was not, he was alive!

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When Mathew was born he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck three times. When he was delivered Drew heard a little puff of air and thought that his son had already passed away. Drew put his son on Ariann's chest and she asked if he was breathing. Drew said, "I think we already have lost him." Mathew then discharged a whole bunch of liquid and then began to breathe.  Ariann wanted to try to feed Mathew and he immediately went for her nipple and began feeding. Mathew began exceeding expectations and thriving, so they ordered an MRI. The couple knew their time with Mathew was very limited and so they were reluctant to spend 30 minutes for their child to do the MRI. However, the nurse finally convinced them. The results came back and baby Mathew had been misdiagnosed! The doctor who analyzed the MRI said, "Matthew's brain had fully formed, but it was pushed to the side of his cranial cavity by a massive buildup of fluid. Instead, a duct in the boy's brain had formed too small, the doctor told them. This caused his skull to fill with fluid and push Matthew's brain to the side. The early tests were wrong."

Via Des Moines Register

We can't help but feel sorry for all of the pain and sadness that Drew and Ariann had to deal with throughout her pregnancy. How hard it must have been thinking that they were only going to have a few minutes with their beautiful child. Although they had to deal with so much during their pregnancy we are so very happy that the doctors were wrong. Drew and Ariann are over the moon about their healthy baby boy. They are so excited for the future that Mathew gets to have now that he is home with them. What a great ending!

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