Iowa Program Gaining National Attention With The Stork Storytime Initiative

The Stork Story Time Initiative in Iowa was created for families to read to their baby bump.


We all know that reading to your babies is essential for their developing brains. Millions of programs around the world help provide opportunities for parents to read to their children and help to allow literature growth. Not only have studies shown the importance of reading to babies, but there have also been studies suggesting that it is also essential to read to you baby while in the womb.

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One literature program has gained national attention due to it's ingenuity. The literature program is called the Stork Story Time Initiative and it was created by Jennifer Jordebrek, the assistant director at North Liberty Community Library. She created the initiative in 2015 and it has grown in popularity ever since.


Jordebrek shares how important it is to start reading habits as early as you possibly can. It is never too early to start a literacy program in your home and start a habit of daily reading with your family. The Stork Story Time Initiative can help families begin their reading habits before the baby is even born, so that the habit can continue once they are born. Jordenbrek wants to have babies have a joy of reading before they are even born, because reading is so important and healthy for cognitive development.

The initiative is centered around the fact that they want the parents to be the child's first teacher. One program under the Stork Initiative is called "100 Read Alouds" the goal of this program is to read 100 books to the baby before they are born. There are check points along the way and then at the end of the program they get special books for completing the challenge.  The families who have participated in this Initiative have nothing but positive things to say. One family says that every time that they read to their baby bump the baby starts kicking along with them. It has also been a great family activity where the entire family comes together to read books and share in that experience with their new little baby.

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