Irina Shayk Talks Parenting Following Split From Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk has opened up about parenting her 2-year old daughter Lea for the first time since splitting with her long-time love, Bradley Cooper.

While gracing the cover Harper’s Bazaar, the notoriously private model opened up about raising her child. She hinted at the need to not compromise who you are. “You have to be really truly yourself for your kids, otherwise you’re living in a lie,” the 33-year old explained.

“Tell me one reason why, just because you’re a mother, that you need to wear a longer skirt,” she continued. “No! I don’t believe in that. I really don’t. Why should you have to change who you are and how you feel just because you become a mother? … Tell me why. Tell me one reason!”

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She added that the secret is all about dividing your time efficiently. “I don’t believe in that. I really believe if you love something, you can prioritize your time. [Motherhood] is just an addition to your life,” Irina said. Perhaps this is a sign conflicting schedules contributed to her split from Bradley.

Neither Irina nor Bradley have spoken out directly about their break-up, which comes after four years of dating. However, a source recently told Us Weekly the pair are trying to keep things amicable. “They both want to keep it civil for [Lea’s] sake,” the insider explained.

“They both work and have a nanny,” the insider continued. “They’ll coordinate to make sure their daughter is always with one parent. When Lea has important events in her life, both Bradley and Irina will be there.”

The exes have also not given an official reason for their split. There has been immense speculation over whether Bradley’s A Star Is Born co-star Lady Gaga may have played a part. Fans have always shipped the co-stars in a romantic relationship, and though they’ve denied dating rumours, the Internet hasn’t helped but wonder if there was some connection between the two.

One source told People that Bradley became “emotionally absent” while filming the hit movie. And evidently, the speculation about things between him and Gaga did damage, too.

“The rumors about Bradley and Gaga having a love affair didn’t help especially with his constant travels [promoting the film],” the insider revealed. “He has a huge and overwhelming connection to Gaga, but whether it becomes a real love story in their lives for all the world to see is premature, and it’s difficult to speculate at this sensitive time.”

Regardless of what happened or will happen in the future, we’re glad to hear that Bradley and Irina are co-parenting to the best of their ability.

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