These Irish Baby Names Are About To Disappear

In a survey by Ancestry, 25 baby names have been observed as disappearing. While the classic Irish names survive to this day and are used a lot abroad, there are those that didn’t stand the test of time. While they may never be truly extinct, these names have become rarer and rarer.

An important feature in the findings is the relevance of trends. Once upon a time, these names were common and fairly popular. However, over the last 100 years, they have slowly fallen out of favour with the Irish people—and the world to some extent. In good news, since these names are no longer common, they can be good suggestions to parents finding unique name to give their children. They can be part of the movement to save these names from extinction!

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Ancestry showed that names with more difficult spellings are on the decline. “Willhelmina” and “Letitia” are both about to disappear, and presumably, this is due to people’s difficulty reading out these names. Meanwhile, even easy names like “Cecil” and “Ethel” are losing favour with new parents. Without some support, these once-popular Irish names may be relics of the past.

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Classic Irish names like “Jack,” “James,” “Emily,” and “Conor” are those that stood the test of time. Today, there are still many kids with that name, and the Irish have even exported them abroad. However, even one of their most popular names, “Michael,” is showing signs of falling from people’s favour. Usually, the name had a secured spot in the top three post popular Irish baby names over the last three decades. However, it has recently dropped to the bottom of the top 10—showing how delicate trends can be.

On the plus side, these names could be good suggestions to parents looking for more unique names. Since not a lot of people have these names, it would be a cool idea to be the new trend-setter. Perhaps with enough people naming their kids these disappearing Irish name, they will once again rise in popularity. By then, a whole generation of “Gertrude”s will exist, and the name won’t be so unique anymore.

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