Is Kim Kardashian a Good Mom?

Celebrity moms are often under scrutiny but no new mom has been in the spotlight more than Kim Kardashian. From her naked Instagram posts to that time her booty broke the Internet, there have been many times the jet setter and fashion icon has turned heads and raised eyebrows, especially when you consider that she's mom to two little ones, North West (age 2) and Saint West (born in December 2015.)

12 So Many Naked Selfies

Even if you're not a fan, you've probably seen a lot of Kim K. She regularly posts naked or nearly naked selfies on Instagram, and lots of people wonder what kind of example she is setting for her daughter. On the one hand, she's empowered, proud of her body, and likes to show it off. On the other hand, does everybody need to see every inch of her body?

11 Called Out Over a Car Seat

If a celeb posts something on social media, people will point out something that's wrong in a heartbeat. In one case, Kardashian caught a lot of heat after she posted a picture of North West on Instagram. The tot was asleep in her car seat, and lots of users commented on the incorrect placement of the car seat chest straps. (Do you need a refresher on car seat safety? Check this out.)

10 Demanding a Push Present

Push presents seem to have become a "thing" recently. When Kim was expecting Saint, she made it known that she wanted a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker, rumored to be worth around $1 million. Most moms would probably say that having a healthy pregnancy and bringing a child into the world safely is a gift enough, but...well, Kim is not the average mom.

9 How Does She Do It?

No, really. How does she have time to walk the red carpet, run multiple businesses, travel the world, and raise two kids? Many doubt her ability to be a good parent and are quick to criticize her because she has so many irons in the fire.

8 But is She Really That Bad?

These days, all moms are constantly criticized for their parenting decisions. Mommy wars rage like crazy on the Internet, with parents debating topics like breast vs. bottle, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, and who has it harder--moms who stay at home or those who return to work. Those that love to hate on Kardashian are quick to troll her on social media, but her fans often point out what a good mom she is. She might be rich and famous, but when it comes down to it, she's a mom trying to do her best, just like the rest of us.

7 Dealing With Two Kids

According to Today Parents, Kardashian struggled to adjust to a life with two kids. She described North West's early days as constantly feeding and sleeping. Now, with Saint West, she says there is no sleep. If she's not feeding, pumping,or working, she's got a toddler to chase after. Admit it, you've been there.

6 Working Out

A lot of moms struggle to fit in time for fitness. They're lucky if they can sneak off to the gym before school or find time to squeeze in a workout. Sure, Kardashian has a personal trainer (and likely has her own chef, too) but what mom wants to get up after a rough, sleepless night with a new baby and go jogging or hit the gym? According to some recent Snapchat scenes, Kardashian struggles in the morning just like the rest of us.

5 Working From Home

Critics wonder if featuring babies and children on a reality show is any way for them to grow up, but Kardashian considers herself lucky. Because so much of Keeping up With the Kardashians is filmed at home, she gets to spend extra time with her babies as opposed to if she had to work or film elsewhere.

4 Traveling with the Kids

Kardashian has been known to take the kids with her when she travels. North West has made appearances at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. In 2015, Kardashian traveled with the bump that was Saint and sat in the front row alongside other celebrity moms like Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, and Uma Thurman for Givenchy's New York Fashion Week show. Flying in a private plane probably makes a huge difference, but most new parents dread traveling with kids in tow.

3 Mommy & Me

You have to admit, there's nothing cuter than a mother and daughter in matching "Mommy & Me" outfits. Kim and North have hit the streets on more than one occasion dolled up like twins. At Paris Fashion Week in 2014, mother and daughter wore matching black lace ensembles. The pair stepped out more recently in matching beige outfits, braids, and chokers.

2 Going Overboard

Some parents tend to go overboard for their baby's first birthday, and Kardashian was no exception when planning North West's celebration. Of course, the little girl's Coachella-themed "Kidchella" (complete with bouncy house, popcorn cart, and FERRIS WHEEL) party was way more extravagant than the cake and ice cream parties most folks throw.

1 Just Like Us?

Whether you love her or hate her (or love to hate her) Kim Kardashian is a mom just like the rest of us. She's rich and famous, lives in a mansion, and has a staff, but that's kind of where the differences between her and us regular moms end. She does the mom things we all do--goes to the pumpkin patch in the fall, plans birthday parties, and decorates Easter baskets. She has said she tries to be strict about nap time and wants to be the best mom she can. She also admits that being a mom is tough. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge. She wants the best for her kids, just like us.


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