Italia Ricci Is "Flirting With" 200 Pounds While Pregnant With Her First Child

Actress Italia Ricci posted a candid selfie of herself at nine months pregnant revealing that she now weighs close to 200 lbs and is more than ready to meet her baby.

The Designated Survivor star is expecting her first child with husband actor Robbie Amell known for his work on The Flash. In the black and white photo showing off her pregnant figure, Ricci stands in a tank top, underwear and totally needed compression socks flashing a peace sign at her exhausted self. The caption simply reads, "Sent this to 200lbs I'm flirting with." which is so honest and refreshing for expectant moms to see. We love that she feels brave enough to show herself at her most vulnerable.

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Weight gain during pregnancy is much feared and often talked about, and rarely do women reveal their actual number. Ricci has experienced a 60 lbs weight gain which is more than the recommended 25-35 lbs but she already knows that and doesn't need to be shamed.

We think she looks so amazing and powerful. There is nothing more beautiful than the raw beauty and strength of a pregnant woman. Our bodies are amazing!

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Sent this to the 200lbs I’m flirting with.

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It's important for other pregnant moms to see that even a beautiful actress can be susceptible to surprising and unwanted weight gain. It happens and it's normal. The pregnant body will do what it needs to nourish your baby and that's all that really matters.

Ricci has well documented her pregnancy on her personal Instagram and fans have seen her baby bump grow since the beginning. Nearing her due date things are probably getting a little uncomfortable for her frame but she's in the home stretch! Ricci and Amell have been together since 2008, were engaged in 2014, and have been married since 2016.

The longtime Canadian couple may be the most attractive couples on this planet and we're sure their baby will be beautiful. The revealed their pregnancy in April.

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Here’s lookin’ at you, Monday.

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During pregnancy seeing a certain number on the scale can send you into a tailspin. Pull an Italia and embrace the new life you're bringing into this world and the body that is coming with it. You don't have to be happy but this is only temporary. We promise you will feel like yourself again soon!

We can't wait to see Italia and Robbie's adorable baby boy. We're wishing Italia an easy and safe delivery.

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