Italian Baby Born With Rare Skin Condition Abandoned By Parents At Hospital

A baby boy born with a rare yet debilitating skin condition in Turin, Italy has unfortunately been abandoned by his parents. Baby Giovannino, who is now four-months old, was born with a serious skin condition called harlequin ichthyosis.

The condition, which is passed on through genetics, causes thick, dry skin. People who suffer from the disorder must avoid direct sunlight, thus affecting them on a daily basis. The condition can also distort facial features and make it extremely painful to move one’s arms and legs. Giovannino has remained at the Saint Anna hospital where he was born since August. However, doctors anticipate the child will be ready for discharge in a matter of weeks.

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The only problem? They can’t seem to find his parents. According to reports, the hospital has been unable to make contact with the infant’s parents and it remains unclear if or why they have permanently abandoned. "I don't know what the reason is, the only thing certain is that this child has been abandoned," one of the nurses who cares for the infant told Italy’s La Stampa newspaper. "We all dream that he will soon have a little room of his own."

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Authorities have gotten involved and are also trying to track down the baby’s parents. They are also trying to figure out a temporary home for little Giovannino for when he is soon discharged. This has been difficult, however, as the child’s condition requires he has special care that not every foster home can provide. For now, the baby calls the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit his home. He has to be treated with a heavy moisturizer several times a day to ensure his sensitive skin doesn’t dry and crack.

The hospital staff can’t get over what a sweet baby little Giovannino is! "He is a cute child who smiles and loves being taken around the ward," the head of the neonatal unit, Daniele Farina, who is the head of the neonatal unit, told the press. "He is happy when someone makes him listen to music."

Since Giovannino’s story made headlines earlier this week, the hospital has been flooded with request from families hoping to adopt the baby. Authorities are reportedly sorting through the requests to determine what home, if any, can provide the specialized care this kiddo needs.

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