10 Items For A Superhero Nursery

When parents are into superhero comic books, TV shows and movies, they may choose to decorate their kid’s nursery with this same super theme! With all the success that these stories see, there are tons of items out there from which to choose, making this a viable option that can look cute and cool.

From toys and organizational products to bedding and light fixtures, the list below has 10 things that can really add to this theme. Plus, parents may even want to steal some of these pieces, which would look good in any and all areas of the house!

10 Chicozy Superheroes Pillow Covers


These pillow covers are made out of a durable cotton-linen fabric, and they measure 18 inches by 18 inches.

Each one has a design on the front, which has to do with a unique superhero: There are the patriotic colors of Captain America's shield, the iconic "S" seen on Superman's suit, Batman's recognizable emblem and the ring shape associated with the Green Lantern. All four of these covers could be put on pillows and put into a nursery, just a fave could be used, or they could be swapped out regularly.

9 Splattered S


Since Superman is such an iconic character, a poster that boasts his logo would make for a bright and bold piece of art for a nursery with this theme. But this is not just some normal poster… It is made out of metal!

This gives it a sleeker look and feel, as well as makes it much more durable, so that it will last for years to come. Yes, this artwork, which was designed by DC Comics, is a great way to show off a love for superheroes in general and for this hero specifically.

8 Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer


Children come with lots of tools and things, so many different organizers will be needed. Why not opt for one with a superhero theme, for this superhero room?

This six-bin storage container could hold toys. It could separate out different action figures. It could be a fun place to hold creams and ointments. Or it could be put by the closet, in order to store bows, belts and other accessories. Many people will surely find it to be useful, as well as to be a wonderful nod to a well-known hero: Spider-Man.

7 Marvel Avengers Upholstered Storage Bench


A bigger storage container is up next… This bench has a sturdy wood frame, and as an extra place to sit in a child’s room, it can hold up to 250 pounds. It is covered in faux leather upholstery that has 3D applique detailing of the Marvel Avengers; fan favorites such as Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America cover this bench, as well as its removable lid that opens up to reveal a great deal of storage space.

Toys, clothes, diapers and anything else can easily be hidden away here!

6 Superhero Rules Poster Print


Another piece of art to consider for a superhero nursery is this print, which has superhero rules on it. Phrases such as "help and protect others" and "be a good friend" are showcased on this 12 x 16 poster that is made in the U.S.A.

While this piece is aimed at children and is focused on heroes, these are good little reminders for everyone to hear; having this up in a young one’s room will start instilling these important lessons at an early age, which is just fabulous.

5 SheetWorld 100% Cotton Percale Fitted Crib Sheet


Picking out bedding is a big decision, and these would be just super in a room with this design! They have a red background and different Marvel characters all over them. They measure 28 x 52, as they will fit a standard crib or toddler mattress so that a child can use them for several years.

They feature deep pockets and an elasticized edge, meaning they will stay put. They are made out of 100 percent pure cotton percale, which is very cozy and plush. They are also machine washable, and with their durable, made-in-the-U.S. design, they will last wash after wash and year after year.

4 Rosie Pope Baby Blankets


Additional blankets will be needed during this stage of life, whether a parent is trying to rock a baby to sleep, a mother needs a covering during feeding, a child is traveling or a surface is needed for a diaper change.

This pack comes with three different blankets, and they each have a different superhero design and a different color, meaning they will really pop in this nursery, with its unique design style. And since they are made out of 100 percent cotton, these will be quite soft against sensitive skin.

3 Light Batman Eclipse


One of the most popular superheroes of all time is Batman, and everyone knows that he is called with the bat signal in the sky. That tradition can be referenced and celebrated with this awesome light; powered by USB, it features the Batman logo, which is backlit, in order to give it an eclipse look.

This would look cool in any area in a fan’s home, but it will be especially thoughtful when used as a nightlight in a nursery. Everyone will have a good night’s rest with this accessory around, for sure!

2 Superhero Area Mat


Specific heroes are great to add into a room, but a rug like this would also make a nice addition; it looks like a comic book, with separate squares, speech bubbles and the use of onomatopoeia (visualization of sound effects, like the '60s Batman TV show.)

This product also has an anti-slip rubber backing, which will keep it in place and will prevent accidents. It is stain-resistant and fade-resistant, too, as well as easy to clean. With its soft feel and bright, retro and festive design, it could stand on its own and definitely give a nursery a clear and cool theme.

1 Marvel - My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book Set


Books are a must for any child’s room, as reading is a special and useful skill that has to be honed in on at an early age. There are, of course, superhero baby books that can help with that and more! This set includes 12 books that are sturdy and small, making them perfect for small hands. They even come in a carrying case with a handle, which can keep them organized on a shelf and make them easy to transport.

Popular Avengers like Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man are featured, as well, which makes these books highly entertaining.

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