It's 2019 And Here Are 20 Inappropriate Products Moms Still Think Are Safe For Baby

Nothing is more important to a mother than the safety of her child. Every ounce of who she is goes into making sure no harm comes to her baby. This includes all the items that she has accumulated over the pregnancy that is supposed to help her care for her little one.

There are plenty of items that are marketed for babies and children that are not as safe as claimed. There are many people in the world who have the naïve assumption that if a product is for sale, it must be safe. That no one would ever make and sell a product that could be dangerous to a baby. The truth is, there are a lot of items out there that are not safe for little ones.

Some items are banned in certain countries, but legal in others. What is even more surprising is that not a lot of moms know that these products are unsafe. In the world of information and the rise of social media, it is surprising that there are unsafe products out there that mom does not know about.

We have found 20 products out there that are legal and available to purchase, but that should probably be left off the baby registry. When it comes to the safety of a baby, toddler or child, the convenience of these products is never worth the risk.

20 Ban Those Bumpers!


We cannot believe that this item has not been banned yet. Even worse, they are marketed so well to parents because they make the crib look super sweet and cute. Bumper pads were originally designed to protect your little one’s legs from getting stuck between the rails. It also helped when the little one decides to bang their head against the side.

However, they are also a strangulation risk and an asphyxiation risk as babies can get trapped pushed up against them. Rails on the crib are already perfectly spaced that nothing is going to get trapped in between them. Also, a couple of bumps on the head is not going to cause as much harm as bumpers possibly could.

19 Walkers Do Not Help Them Walk!


Walkers are another item that is banned in some countries. These items seem to be perfect; you can place your little one in them and they can scoot themselves all over the house. The ban on these is primarily due to parental negligence. Parents were not watching their little ones and they were having accidents on stairs and other surfaces.

This is not a risk to take, because even the most attentive parents can look away for two seconds and have a disaster happen. There are also thoughts that these items don’t actually help your baby learn to walk anyways, and they may actually hinder the development.

18 No One Needs A Sleep Positioner!


Sleep positioners are another popular product for moms who are trying to get their babies to sleep. These positioners are wedges that you can place in the crib and it prevents the baby from rolling on their stomach when they are sleeping. It also keeps them propped up in the case of reflux. This is a dangerous product.

This is dangerous because the baby has a chance to push their face into the side of the positioner and cut off their air supply. They have also been able to roll completely off it due to the propped-up position on the mattress below. It is always best that the baby be placed flat on their back to sleep.

17 Bottle Propping Devices


We get the appeal of this one, we really do. Moms who have a busy home, or multiple babies, have often relied on a device to help hold their baby’s bottle up. This frees up mom and makes sure that the baby gets their bottle. Unfortunately, this product is never safe and should be pulled from all the shelves as soon as possible.

When the bottle is propped up it is hard to keep an eye on how much the baby is drinking. That means that mom could miss a burping session. It is also a choking hazard because the baby has no way of signaling that they are done. They are almost forced to continue drinking. Until the baby can hold the bottle themselves, mom will just have to do it.

16 Bath Seats


Bath seats are almost essential for daily life with a baby. Until they can fully sit on their own, they need some kind of support while they are in the bath. There are a lot of bath seats on the market, and some are better than others. Bath seats, in general, are safe when used accordingly. The unsafe factor comes into play with mom and dad.

The problem is that bath seats can create a false sense of security. This means that parents are more likely to let their guard down, thinking their baby will be safe in the seat. They may think they can run out of the room quickly to grab a towel or other item. Drowning can happen in a matter of seconds, so it is important to never leave a baby or child alone in the bath.

15 Crib Tents


Once babies grow into toddlers, things get a little messy. That is because they are able to get out of their cribs on their own. Once they realize that they can do this, it is game on and mom will likely have a visitor every night while she is sleeping. If mom isn’t ready to place them in a toddler bed, she may think that a crib tent is a perfect solution.

A crib tent is exactly what it sounds like, it is a mesh covering for the top of the crib which essentially ‘traps’ the toddler in the crib. This may be handy, but it is not safe. There is a risk of a child getting caught up in the fabric in a compromising situation. Whether you are ready or not, if your little one starts getting out of the crib, it is time to move them to a bed of their own.

14 Bedside Sleepers Should Be Outlawed!


A lot of parents out there like bedsharing, which is when the baby sleeps in the same bed as mom. Others are worried about this and think that a co-sleeper is a perfect solution. It is a sleeping surface with only three sides. This is so it can be pushed up to the edge of mom’s bed. This would mean that the baby is close, but still has their own space.

These items are not safe, and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians) does not have them on their list of safe sleeping spaces for baby. That is because the baby can wiggle their way to where the two meet and get wedged inside. A separate, four-sided, crib or bassinet is always better for the baby.

13 Sling Carriers


Babywearing is all the rage these days and we can see why. It allows mom to carry her baby while having free-range of both her arms. They have allowed moms all over the world to continue to get stuff done around the house while comforting their baby by keeping them close. However, they are not all created equal and sling carriers should be avoided.

Sling carriers may be more lightweight than others, but there have been countless injuries and deaths reported from children falling out of them. Carriers that fasten with a buckle or other tools are much more secure and they are highly recommended.

12 Bumbo Chairs Seemed Like A Good Idea


Bumbo chairs seemed like a great idea when they first came on to the market. They would allow mom to prop her baby up in a seated position. Babies seem to love this, probably because they can see so much around them and mom loved that she could take the baby anywhere and get some stuff done. These items are also dangerous for a couple of reasons.

This seat falls again with this false sense of security, and moms tend to leave their baby in one of these seats on a high surface. Even though they may be little, babies do have the ability to propel themselves out of it. Also, any device that forces a baby to do something they are not fully developed for may cause more of a hindrance.

11 The Much Loved Rock 'N Play


This is a more recent one that has been recalled. The moment this was called off the shelf, we could hear the hearts of moms everywhere breaking. The Rock 'N Play was well-loved by a lot of parents. It kept their newborn calm and was often an answered prayer when it came to trouble sleeping.

This item was recently recalled due to infant injury and death. Parents were either not placing their babies in it properly or were allowing them to use it past the time they should have been. Babies were not to be placed in this once they could learn how to roll. It was a sad day for the parenting world.

10 The Baby Doesn’t Need Soft Bedding


We use a lot of props in our baby’s room because we want it to look cute and sweet. Mostly, we want it to look perfect in those pictures we post on social media. This means that the room is filled with everything adorable and soft. However, there should be no soft bedding in the crib. Of course, if the items are removed when the baby is sleeping it is okay.

A soft mattress and fitted sheet may be the perfect sleeping environment for an adult, but it is not the right one for a baby. Babies need a firm mattress and a tightly fitted sheet. This is one of the best ways to reduce the chance of SIDS.

9 Nothing Should Be On The Car Seat


It also seems like we shouldn’t have to list this one, but we do. An infant bucket-style car seat is a great invention. It is very convenient and easy to get the baby in and out of the car. They also happen to make a lot of accessories that can dangle from the car seat handle. These toys are meant to entertain your little one when you are out and about.

These items are only unsafe when they are used in a moving vehicle. When the car seat is in the car and it is moving there should be nothing on the car seat that did not come with the packaging. It means it has not been tested for safety and they could become projectiles in the event of a car accident.

8 Drop-Side Cribs


A baby’s crib is very important, once they start sleeping in it they will spend a lot of time in their crib. A lot of this time will be unsupervised because (hopefully) mom and dad will be sleeping as well. This means that we need to make sure they are completely safe, so there will be a lot of crib-related items on this list.

Drop-side cribs seemed like such a good idea. The side of the crib lowers making it easy for mom or dad to reach in and get their baby out. However, these items have been banned in some countries due to injury to babies and toddlers. The moveable side of the crib can dislodge and fall on its own which has led to falls and babies getting trapped.

7 (Some) Teethers Should Go In The Bin!


Teething is a hard time for both baby and mom, and mom will look for anything that can help bring some comfort to the little one. Teething toys are great, and most of them are safe, but there are some that mom should watch out for. The popular Sophie the Giraffe recently had a warning attached with the possibility that mold was growing inside.

Any teething toy that has a small hole needs to be disposed of. Anything that has an opening where moisture can seep in has the ability to grow dangerous mold within. Take a glance before purchasing any to make sure they don’t have this concern.

6 Jumpers


Jolly Jumpers are one of the most popular items for a baby, and that is because they have a great time and it is absolutely hilarious to watch them all jumping around. These items can be dangerous, and a lot of people wonder if mom should even use it still. There are two types of jumpers, ones that attach to a door frame, and one on its own stand. Each come with their own risk.

The ones attached to the doorframe may not be as stable, and they have the ability to snap off and would bring it and the baby to the ground. The ones that are on their own stand seem to be a bit stable, but an enthusiastic baby can jump enough to bring the whole thing to the ground.

5 Yes, The Baby Monitor!


Who would have thought the baby monitor could be unsafe! Well, the truth is, the monitor itself is not unsafe but the environment may be. This is a mistake that a lot of parents make that is unacceptable. They end up placing the camera too close to the crib. This makes sense because they need to camera to be able to capture the baby. However, they need to make sure the cord is not anywhere available to the baby.

The baby could pull the cord in and then it can become a strangulation risk. Also, some camera monitors work off WiFi and this is another thing that is unsafe because monitors can be hacked, and no one wants a stranger watching in on their baby.

4 Changing Tables!


Change tables are a product that some moms detest, and other moms cannot live without. Some moms use theirs every day, while others end up with a really fancy storage unit. Depending on the type of change table you have, it could be incredibly unsafe. Change tables need to have four sides to it, and the baby still cannot be left unattended.

Any change table that has less than four sides should be considered unsafe and should not be used. A lot of parents will just purchase a changing pad and place it on top of a dresser, and this is never a good idea.

3 Blankets And Pillows


We can’t say it enough that there should be nothing in the crib but the baby. Really, all it should be is the baby on a fitted sheet. That's it. However, there are still a lot of parents out there who think their baby needs a pillow and blankets in order to sleep comfortably. These are all hazards, as the baby can press their face against the fabric and reduce their oxygen.

Since adults sleep with these items, we assume that babies would need to sleep with these items. The truth is, babies don’t know any different. They don’t know what it is like to sleep with a pillow and blanket, so they really don’t know they are missing anything.

2 Baby Gates Are Supposed To Keep Your Baby Safe!


Parents spend a lot of time baby-proofing their house to make sure that their little one is safe. They rarely think that these items may backfire and become dangerous. Baby gates have been used for years, and they have been used to keep little ones away from stairs or other places they should not be in. Again, these items are unsafe when not used properly.

Baby gates, unless screwed into the wall, should not be used at the top of the stairs. A baby could lean on it and dislodge it from the wall. This means that the baby and the gate could take a topple down the stairs together.

1 Not All Toys Are Created Equally


Once you become parents, it won’t be long until your house is full of toys. There will be toys in every corner and cupboard of your house. Toys are great though and they are great at distracting our babies and toddlers so that mom can have a few moments of peace. However, mom should not be looking for a discount here.

Since toys (and babies in general) cost a lot of money, and mom may be tempted to pick up some new stuff at the dollar store. This is not a good idea. A lot of the toys for sale in these types of establishments are often made overseas and are not always tested for safety. They are also cheaply made, and parts could break off an become a choking risk.

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