Check Out Jade Roper & Carly Waddell's Baby Photoshoot

Bachelor in Paradise stars Carly Waddell and Jade Roper shared glimpses of their  joint baby photoshoot, and it is so cute! Everyone needs to check it out.

Waddell and Roper did a photoshoot with both of their baby girls over the weekend and the results are adorable. The friends each shared some behind the scenes pictures of them with their little girls, Isabella and Emerson, as well as Waddell’s husband Evan Bass via Instagram Story.

"So Carly and I are doing a photo shoot with Emerson and Bella today,” shared Roper.

Via Jade Roper Instagram

Not long after she posted her first story, Roper once again took to social media to share a video of her friend, as well as showcase the talented photographer Brandon Chesbro who was doing the photoshoot for them.

“This is like a fairy tale," she shared along with a video of Waddell and baby Isabella under a tree.

The ladies weren’t the only ones using social media to share stories for the event. Bass was more than happy to show off his ladylove and her friend in a video belting out the tune ‘Kiss the Girl’. The new moms were singing the song from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid to their beautiful babies. In his video, Evans jokingly asked his followers to send him help.

Via Evans Bass Instagram

Carly Waddell and Jade Roper not only met each other on Bachelor In Paradise, but they each met their husbands on the show, as well. Roper married Tanner Tolbert in 2016 and baby Emerson was born in August 2017. Waddell married Bass summer of 2017. Their wedding was featured on last summer's Bachelor In Paradise. They welcomed baby Isabella in February.

Some couples that meet on the ABC reality TV show actually do make it work, and not all of the ladies hate each other. Proof of that is in Waddell and Roper’s friendship. Not only are they experiencing first-time motherhood together, they are also sharing their journey on a new podcast called Babes and Babies.

Bachelor In Paradise alums Roper and Waddell decided to do a joint photoshoot with their daughters outside Nashville over the weekend. Here is hoping these two mamas decide to share more of their amazing pictures with their followers, because seriously we can’t get enough!

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