Jameela Jamil Shares Intimate Details About Her Thoughts On Abortion & Reproductive Rights


Most every person has their opinions on the topic of abortions. People can be very heated when it comes to this discussion. Many celebrities have taken a stance about abortion and it can sometimes stir the pot a bit. The two sides of the argument include pro-choice and pro-life.

Pro-Choice advocates believe that it is a woman's body and she gets to decide what she does with her body. Pro-Choice advocates believe that nobody should be able to have a say in women's lives. Creating a baby is a huge decision and many women are not ready or prepared to become pregnant. Those who are Pro-Choice believe women deserve the right to choose whether or not she is ready to have a baby.

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Individuals who are Pro-Life believe that women made the choice to have sex while knowing the consequences might be becoming pregnant. They believe that having an abortion is murder and therefore women should not have the choice to murder their children. Those who believe in Pro-life believe that right when the baby has a heartbeat they are a person and deserve a chance to live.

Jameela Jamil has come out to share her point of view about abortions and she didn't care if people believed in her point of view or not. Jamil admitted that when she was young she had an abortion and she claimed that it was the best decision that she has ever made. She said that she was not ready for the baby "emotionally, psychologically, and financially." Jamil went onto say that so many kids will end up being in foster care and their lives are ruined.

Jamil admits that many people are being "forced" to have children that they are not ready for and then their children have to deal with the consequences. Jamil thinks that women should always have the choice to have an abortion because it isn't fair to the mother and the children that are being born. Kids should only be brought into this world when mom is prepared to raise a baby. She makes the argument that the fact that people are voting against abortion is terrible and that it is really disrespectful to women and their bodies. She even says that it isn't even right for women to have to deal with bringing in a baby that they have no ability to take care of. Jamil also states that women who have been raped should not have to be forced to give birth to their rapist's baby.

Jameela Jamil definitely received a lot of attention from her post. She received almost 400,000 likes and almost 8,000 comments for her post.

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