Jamie Otis Reveals Her Unborn Baby’s Gender In An Adorable YouTube Video

Ever since finding out they were pregnant again, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from season one of Married At First Sight are doing everything they can to savor each moment with their growing baby. On Tuesday, the couple- along with their two-year-old daughter Henley- shared an adorable gender reveal video with the world. They shared this experience with loved ones and had a whole lot of fun as well.

The first half of the video is Jamie showing everyone the cute decorations and delicious food at their gender reveal party. They had a pink and blue balloon arch, pink and blue streamers, and a banner made with onesies and sonograms. As for the food, Jamie’s brother is a master chef, so the food was next level for a gender reveal party. On her Instagram, she shared pictures of pink and blue cookies on a tiered tray. In the video, she joked about making the food herself and showed fans two big cupcakes she had frosted. In her defense, she made a good point when saying, “Baker I am not. But I’ll tell you what, baby maker, I am!”

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For the reveal, the couple and their daughter broke blue and pink dyed hardboiled eggs to find the one raw egg. At first, Henley thought it was funny to pat an egg on her parent’s heads. But after several eggs, the little girl was worried that she was hurting her parents. Henley would then hand the eggs to Jamie to crack on Doug’s head. Henley handed her mom a blue-dyed egg, and it was revealed that baby Hehner is a boy!

Throughout the video, Jamie is constantly holding or rubbing her baby bump, which shows how much she already loves her baby. Once they found out that it's a boy, the couple hugged and kissed to show their excitement. This family deserves to be excited about this baby because of the many trials they’ve been going through the past year and a half. Jamie has mentioned to reporters that her previous miscarriages happened before they could find out the gender.

When asked whether she hoped for a boy or girl, Jamie's response on Instagram said it all: “I truly don’t care, which I always thought anyone who said that was lying [because] of course you just care. But after 18 months trying to conceive and a few losses in between — I genuinely don’t care. Just healthy and happy.”

So far that is exactly what is happening with this pregnancy. Hopefully, baby Hehner will continue to grow and reach full term before making his debut. In the meantime, we’ll be watching out if the couple drops any hints for names!

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