Jamie Otis Thought It Would Be Easy To Start A Family: Opens Up About Infertility Issues

Jami Otis shares that they are struggling with expanding their family. They have suffered from getting pregnant and they have struggled with a few miscarriages.

In high school, we are taught that the result of sex is pregnancy. We are taught to avoid having unprotected sex because just one time can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Many girls are under the impression that if they just look at a guy they will get pregnant. We never learn that millions of women suffer from getting pregnant and some women will never have the opportunity to get pregnant. We never learn about how common and "normal" miscarriages are in early pregnancy. Many women don't ever believe that they are ever going to have to go through fertility treatments, use ovulation strips or temp every morning. Jamie Otis is learning this first hand, she said, "I thought having a family would be very easy."

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Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner, have been struggling to conceive their second baby. Otis was convinced that she would be able to have another baby pretty easily and it has been anything but that. In January, Otis had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. She shared on Instagram that they went to the doctor to check up on the baby and her baby was gone. It was devastating and quite traumatic for them. Otis went on to say that there was a sac and the sac continued to grow, but her baby had stopped growing for some reason. It was a horrible moment for their little family.

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Otis and Hehner have one daughter who is two years old. They love their daughter so very much and have been wanting to give her a brother or a sister. They also lost a son, Jonathon Edward, back in 2016 when Otis was about 4 months into her pregnancy. The couple also suffered from a miscarriage in September 2018, only a few days after revealing that she got a positive pregnancy test.

Otis said that the worst part about having infertility issues and going through miscarriages is that she feels like she is alone. She says that she knows that she is not alone, but no woman ever talks about it. It seems that infertility and miscarriages are just taboo topics that women are just ashamed of when they should all be very vocal about their struggles. She is hoping that being open about her struggles will encourage other women to speak up and so that they can all support each other in their journey.

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