Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Shared Her Struggles With Fertility

Jason Aldean’s wife revealed she had fertility struggles with baby Memphis.

Brittany Aldean and her country star husband, Jason Aldean, were thrilled to welcome their baby boy Memphis this past December. The two could not contain their excitement when sharing the news of their newborn son. However, their pregnancy journey wasn’t all smooth sailing.

The Aldean’s revealed how their journey was once filled with many painful obstacles that made them feel hopeless at times. Brittany sat down for a candid interview on the Babes and Babies podcast, and revealed how she and her hubby struggled for a year and a half to get pregnant, finally succeeding only after seeking the help of in vitro fertilization.

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“The IVF was probably harder than the actual pregnancy, for me, because it was just such a roller coaster and so difficult,” Aldean shared. “It’s such high highs and such low lows, and no one really knows that you’re going through it all so you have to just put on a game face and pretend that you’re not giving yourself shots in your stomach every day, all day,” she confessed.

Not only was it difficult for the couple to get pregnant, but Brittany was also diagnosed with endometriosis during the stressful journey, to the point where the couple even considered hiring a surrogate to carry the child for them.“We were thinking about all the options, which is sad because you want to be able to carry your own child, but then you’re thinking, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I? Why is it not implanting? I don’t understand,” she said.


According to the couple, the IVF process was a grueling one. “We would do a transfer, and then it wouldn’t take,” Jason shared. Although it may have been a stressful and frustrating journey, the process finally worked. The Aldean’s mentioned how it “was the most exciting thing ever because we had tried for so long." We can’t imagine how happy they must have been!

The two now have their happy family and we couldn't be happier for the new parents. We wish both Brittany and Jason well on this exciting journey with their new son, Memphis!

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