Jason Biggs Reveals He & His Wife Jenny Mollen Want To Try For A Baby Girl

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs are ready to paint their nursery pink! The celebrity couple told People they would like their third child to be a baby girl. The famous couple already has two boys together.

Third times a charm, right? Well, that is what the American Pie actor is hoping for. Spotted at the Mucinex Wake Up Human Debate in New York City, the Orange Is The New Black star talked about having more children and how he hopes this time he gets a baby girl.  “A girl would be amazing,” Biggs told People. “We really go back and forth about it, because we did good — we love our two kids and they’re incredible.”

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The couple has two sons — Lazlo, 2, and Sid, 5½ — but they reassured everyone they are nowhere near done yet. He boasted about how great his two sons get along with each other and how they are each other's best friend.

This isn't the first time Biggs has talked about wanting a little girl. In 2018, he joked that he would retire if he were lucky enough to be blessed with a pink bundle of joy.

However, the jury is still out on if Jenny is all the way on board with being pregnant again. She revealed during her last pregnancy that she had placenta previa, which is a condition where the placenta covers at least part of the cervix. Her first pregnancy was via c-section so her apprehension is understandable and relatable.

Whether they will have another child is still undetermined but for now but the couple is enjoying having fun with their boys at home. One way they keep their boys entertained is by spoofing each other. Biggs often spoofs Mollen on social media when she is away. Recently, the actress mom posted some cool and crafty lunches she made for her boys and Biggs turned around and tried to play chef by adding his own spin to her lunches. Biggs strives to be a creative dad and to keep his family entertained.

Biggs also opened up about one of the hardest things he has experienced as a parent. He states being a parent on social media is tough because there are the parent shammers and trolls in the comment sections. He admits some of the negative comments have hurt both him and wife on a few occasions but they receive more positive than negative feedback overall.

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