Jeffrey Dean Morgan Delivered Both Of His Kids

So far, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's greatest notoriety has been in taking out two beloved characters with a barbed-wire baseball bat on The Walking Dead. But the actor has also been responsible for bringing in two fresh souls into this world.

Morgan, who scared the crap out of millions of viewers and has sparked anger among more rabid fans of the AMC zombie drama as the malevolent Saviors dictator Negan, has proven to be a life saver when it comes to his own children. At 52, married to wife Hilarie Burton, Morgan keeps a pretty tight lid on anything associated with his family.

But he did let it slip on a recent appearance on Howard Stern's radio show that he was responsible for delivering his two children: daughter George and son Augustus.

"I delivered the children," said Morgan. "We went to a hospital to do it in case something were to go awry."


In the case of his son, who's now eight, Morgan recalls that boy's head shape was hampering the birth process. Morgan thought he was just providing support for his wife until he found himself in the center of the action and pulled the boy out himself.

George's birth was less harrowing, as Morgan recalled grabbing and pulling the infant out little by little in what turned out to be a perfect delivery. And when quizzed about the decidedly masculine name chosen for his daughter, Morgan had a ready answer, stating the moniker was inspired by a Bonanza episode dubbed "A Girl Named George."

But Morgan claimed those experiences, as life-changing as they were, will be things of the past, as he's already considering a vasectomy.

Perhaps it'll give Morgan time to get acquainted with his kids before they enter those teen years, although the actor, thanks to The Walking Dead, is a hot property these days. He currently stars in the movie Rampage, where he and lead star Dwayne Johnson play second fiddle to a CGI gorilla named George (decidedly not influenced by Bonanza). And he still might have a season left in The Walking Dead, before creators determine how long he'll continue to be a threat to the Survivors before becoming zombie meat.

Still, it's heartwarming to note that the actor, who had brief arcs in such shows as The Good Wife and Grey's Anatomy can leave a brutal character behind at work to be a savior in his own right at home.


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