Jenelle Evans & David Eason Regain Custody Of Their Kids After Case Is Dismissed

In a surprising turn of events, the custody case again former Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason has been dismissed.

The past seven weeks have been difficult for the couple as they’ve been trying to regain custody of three of their children: David’s 11-year old daughter Maryssa, Jenelle’s 4-year old son Kaiser, and their 2-year old daughter Ensley. The children were removed from their parents’ care after David allegedly shot and killed the family’s French bulldog.

Up until now, media outlets have been reporting the parents were at serious risk of completely losing custody of their kiddos. Or at the very least, it appeared it would be a long road before Jenelle and David were granted custody again. Kaiser has been staying with his father, Nathan Griffith, while the girls had been placed with their maternal grandmothers. In addition to temporarily caring for Ensley, Jenelle’s mother Barbara also has full custody of her eldest son, 9-year old Jace.

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However, to the surprise of many, the court ordered that the children be returned to Jenelle and David after the testimony portion of the case wrapped up on July 3rd. The children’s’ temporary guardians have until the end of today to return the kids to their care. The couple took to social media to express their happiness with the outcome. “Case dismissed,” Jenelle wrote via Twitter in all capital letters. She added, “Crying in tears of joy.” David also added on Snapchat, “Yes… the kids are coming home today. Stay tuned!”

The decision comes after various pieces of evidence and testimony were used to question David and Jenelle’s fitness are parents, The Ashley explains. Various CPS reports claimed to find hints of neglect, including holes in the wall and dirty diapers on the floor. The outlet claims that, since the beginning of the year, the Easons have averaged one 911 call per week. Several of such calls were used as evidence in the court room, including several that featured Jenelle claiming her husband of one year had physically abused her.

Even more, 11-year old Maryssa also took the stand to comment on the conditions of living with her father and step mother. “Despite everything [David’s daughter] Maryssa said on the stand in regard to the [alleged] abuse and [alleged] substance abuse, and some of the kids’ teachers taking the stand, and the release of 911 calls, including ones that have not been made public, the judge still dismissed the case,” a source told The Ashley.

However, in the end, the source explained the judge couldn’t find enough evidence to support the claims that Jenelle and David were unfit. “With everything that was presented as evidence, the judge found that CPS only had ‘hearsay,'” the insider explained. “What CPS presented didn’t stand up to the definition of abuse or neglect.”

All three children will be returned to Jenelle and David’s care. Jenelle has also regained visitation rights of her eldest son, Jace. Following the verdict, the mother-of-three also went online to say that she is planning on pursuing full custody of Jace next.

“I’m extremely overwhelmed that it’s over and didn’t expect it to be,” she stated to reporters. “I thought I would have to go another holiday without my kids and I don’t! I feel blessed…I missed it so much and [am] so glad to have that back. It’s been too quiet around here.”

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