Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly In Talks To Return To ‘Teen Mom 2’

Half a year after being fired, disgraced reality star Jenelle Evans is reportedly in talks with producers to return to Teen Mom 2.

According to The Ashley, Jenelle took a mysterious trip to New York City recently. Although the Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant reunion was filming on the same weekend the mom-of-three was in town, the publication confirms she had nothing to do with the reunion taping. However, Jenelle was there for a reason. The former teen mom reportedly spoke with TM2 producers to see if there’s a chance she can re-join the show.

“[A higher up] from MTV contacted Jenelle and requested a meeting with her,” an insider told the publication. “They kept telling Jenelle that she is still under contract, and that they wanted to talk to her about possibly returning to the show, so she flew up there.”

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Jenelle’s controversial husband, David Eason, did not accompany her on the trip. The Ashley confirms that David is not being considered for the show. He was previously fired from Teen Mom 2 after going on a transphobic rant online. Jenelle was fired several months later after David reportedly shot and killed their family’s dog, which he has not denied.

It’s unclear if Jenelle is being considered to return as a regular cast member or simply a guest star. Jade Cline, who originally started out on Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant took Jenelle’s place on TM2 after she was abruptly fired. But what we do know, however, is that she’s coming back “in some form or fashion,” The Ashley writes.

As of now, nothing official has been confirmed. “Jenelle did bring her lawyer up there with her, though,” an insider explained. Jenelle is likely negotiating the stipulations of her return. Before being fired from TM2, she was pushing to have her husband back on the show, which could very much be the case right now.

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Just this past July, it was reported that Jenelle was in talks to join a different reality show altogether. A source told Hollywood Life at the time that several parties were interested in filming her custody drama, though it was unclear what networks, if any, had approached her. It’s unclear, however, what happened to this opportunity or if Jenelle was ever seriously being considered for another reality show.

“She’s let it be known that she’s planning to have her own show,” a source explained. “She’s been filming her life during this custody battle because she feels that’s the only way to get her truth out there. She has not said where the footage will air but it’s not going to be on MTV.”

BabyGaga will continue to update its readers as this story progresses.

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