Pregnant Jenna Dewan & Ex-Husband Channing Tatum Are Fighting Over Co-Parenting

A new report says that Channing Tatum has requested the court step in to help him and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan create a custody schedule.

The parents to 6-year old daughter Everly recently finalized their divorce, but they’ve yet to work out a specific custody arrangement. According to legal documents obtained by Hollywood Life, Tatum petitioned the court to create a custody schedule for their little girl specifically regarding holidays.

The father asked that he alternate holidays with Dewan, except for Father’s Day, which he requested for himself. As for Everly’s birthday, the documents explained, “unless the parties agree to spend time on [her day] for a joint celebration, each party shall be entitled to spend time with Everly.” He also wants for him and Dewan to have Everly on their own birthdays. Tatum is not, however, disputing their current 50-50 arrangement.

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The documents also suggested that Tatum made the court requested due to his and Dewan’s busy schedules. “Due to our constantly changing work schedules, we have had conflict over adjustments to our schedules to ensure both parties are able to have equal time with our daughter, Everly,” he explained in the legal docs.

Tatum also asked for a special provision to take their daughter out of school for up to five days for work-related reasons. “[Jenna] and I are fortunate to have employment that offers us unique and once in a lifetime opportunity,” the documents read. “I would like to be able to share these experiences with Everly and believe that Everly would benefit from getting to take advantage of such opportunities.”

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Tatum and Dewan first shocked fans in April of 2018 when they announced their separation. They made their divorce official six months later. Both actors have moved on in their love lives. Tatum is currently romancing British pop star Jessie J. (who fans are convinced looks like his ex-wife), while Dewan is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee.

According to E! News, Tatum only feels excited for his ex-wife over her baby news. "Jenna told Channing that she was pregnant and wanted to make sure he knew before she announced it," a source told the publication. "He is happy for her and was very supportive." It looks like there are no hard feelings here!

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