Jenna Dewan's Boyfriend Steve Kazee Has Been Blown Away By Her Pregnancy

Steve Kazee, Jenna Dewan's boyfriend shares that he thinks pregnancy is amazing and watching Jenna be pregnant has been "mind-blowing."

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On September 24, Jenna Dewan and her boyfriend Steve Kazee announced that they were expecting a little baby! Steve shared that he was very excited to be able to have a baby with Dewan! They are so excited and shares that there are no words to describe the feelings that he has had since he found out that they were going to be having a baby. He shared that he has waited his entire life to become a father and he can't think of anybody better to have a baby with than Jenna. He is very thrilled to be able to start a family with her. Kazee then goes on to talk about how amazing he thinks Jenna is and how grateful he is to have her. He said that the past year and a half has brought him so many wonderful things.

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Kazee said that Jenna has gone through a lot of hard times and she has gone through all of the ups and downs with humility and grace. And then he said that she has brought him one of the most amazing thing into his life and that is Dewan's daughter. He said that Dewan's daughter, Everly burst into his life like a supernova. He has loved watching Dewan with Evy and he knows that their child together is going to be well-loved and taken care of by their mother.

Kazee shares that pregnancy is just amazing and he is so impressed with what a human body can do. He said, "It's mind-blowing, the whole thing,' he told Entertainment Tonight. 'Watching a child grow inside of a human has been the most amazing experience so far. It's good! I'm trying to stay calm, not panic and let it all happen." He has been just blown away by the whole experience and he has been grateful for the life that he has been given.

Congratulations Jenna and Steve on the pregnancy. We are so excited for you guys and we are excited for you guys. We know that Steve is very excited to become a father. Hopefully, the next 9 months go smoothly and she has a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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