Jenna Jameson Is Not Looking For 'Ignorant' Fan Parenting Tips

Jessa Jameson mom-shamed for not toilet training her daughter and still breastfeeding. She claps back at that troll!

One of the hardest parts about being a new mom, or a celebrity mom for that matter, is dealing with the constant backlash of mom-shammers and the "perfect" moms who have all of the advice. It seems like everybody is an expert these days and they just feel the need to share their opinion about every single thing that any mother ever does. Celebrity moms happily post pictures of their beautiful children on their social media and they usually are filled with people mom-shaming them, or telling them what they did wrong. A mother could post a picture of her daughter sitting next to a dog and the world would explode with moms (and dads) sharing how parents should "never put a dog next to a baby." No picture will ever make anybody happy. Jenna Jameson shares how one fan tried to give her very ridiculous advice and she just doesn't want it.

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One mother commented on Jenna Jameson's post and said, "Have you started toilet training? I have raised 3 daughters and all three were FULLY trained at Batel’s age. You film a lot and [I] see nothing about encouraging toilet training." She then continues onto say (as if she hasn't said enough already), " I also breast-fed all three of my daughters, the longest was until 2 years and 2 months. If your child is capable of lifting up your shirt and asking for it, [in] our North American culture this is when you need to do what is best for your child and not you. She is beautiful and smart so [do] not inhibit her for your personal fulfillment."   Let us first comment on the fact that she doesn't know what "inhibit" means. If you are going to share with somebody how amazing you are then you probably should know the meaning of words.  Oh and then let us also say that this woman has no right to tell people when to start potty training, or when to stop breastfeeding. Who do you think you are?

The troll didn't bother Jameson though, Jenna screenshotted the conversation and wrote, "You tried it. Girl Bye." She also commented to the troll and said, “In my opinion ‘training’ a child before they’re ready is detrimental. I know a lot about child development and nowhere is it taught to wean a child because of ‘North American culture.’ You sound ignorant and judgmental.” She continued, “My daughter is perfect and I could care less what you think. So mind your business, Jordy.”

This mother is every mother's worst nightmare. You know the one, the mother who shares how she is perfect in everything she does and her kids are better than everybody else's kids because of the way she raised them. These sancti-mommies are the ones that have opinions about everything and then they shame others if they don't believe the same way. Hopefully, this troll realizes that her comment went viral and that people are siding with Jameson.

It is fascinating to us that no matter how much we preach "support" and "encouragement" mothers are still mom-shaming one another. Why can't we just support one another and tell people that they are doing a great job? Every mom is trying their best and we are all trying to raise good humans. We are doing the best that we can. Sometimes that might not be what you like, but it's not your kid, so move along.

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