Jennifer Aniston May Follow Through With Adoption Plans Despite Divorce

Jennifer Aniston was supposedly planning to adopt a baby with ex-husband, Justin Theroux, but due to their divorce, the plan was put on hold. However, the Murder Mystery star is back in action with the adoption plan, and we might soon see her in the role of a mother.

According to a tabloid, "Jen has always said she'd love to have kids when the time is right. If she was in a committed relationship, she would still be looking at the possibility of carrying a baby herself, but given her age, the reality is that adoption is the least stressful way to go.”

The source also added that since the process of adoption was been initiated a few years back, Theroux’s name is also there in the adoption papers. Therefore, even if Jen wants to go ahead with the adoption all by herself, she will have to have her ex’s consent.

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In spite of not being together, the couple is still on good terms. It was evident when they met after the death of their beloved dog where they were seen holding hands. Theroux also seems to support Aniston if she decides to adopt a baby. But, there seems to be very little truth to the tabloid story. The primary reason being if the couple had been planning to adopt and they had started the process a few years back, then why didn't they say anything about it when they were together?

Furthermore, tabloids releasing fake stories about Aniston and her ex-husbands is nothing new. They have also often expressed various views of Jen about having a baby, and it has been a conflicting topic for many years.

Another such rumor, which speculated about the reason behind her divorce from Brad Pitt was later debunked by her. It claimed that Brad wanted to split from Jen because she was not interested in being a mother and she preferred her career more than anything else. Despite the fact that the couple had plans of expanding their family as soon as Jen completed her ten years on Friends. But, before they could carry out their plan, Brad decided to move on with Angelina and became a father by default.

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A friend close to the couplerevealed that when the couple tied their knot, having babies were not their plan. While Jen was keen on having babies immediately, it was Brad who considered it an “abstract desire.”


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