Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Genius Hack That Gets Her Kids To Try New Foods

Jennifer Garner shares her trick to get her children to eat different foods.

As a parent, we all struggle with getting our kids to eat healthily. It is hard to convince our children that eating a well-balanced meal is very important to their development and is much better than junk food and sweets. One of the most difficult trials is trying to persuade our children to eat new food that they are unfamiliar with. If children don't know what something is it usually leads to them not being interested in eating it! Jennifer Garner shares a simple trick on how she gets her children to eat new foods.

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Garner has three children that she shares with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Their children are Sam, Sera, and Violet. In order to get her children to try new foods Garner plays a game called, "Like it, Love it, Want more of it." The game is simple. If the kids have never tried new food and aren't comfortable eating it they play a game where they narrate the food while it is going into their mouth. They all act like they are broadcasters and talking about the food that it is on their plate. “We’ll say, ‘Oh, look, Sam Affleck has the meatball on his fork. The fork is going to his mouth. Sam Affleck is … it is in his mouth. He is chewing! He’s chewing, he’s chewing, he’s swallowing! You can’t tell what he’s thinking — what is he thinking? And the verdict is … !’ ” Garner chanted.

The game allows the children to have fun while trying new foods. Her goal is to make sure that her children never say that they hate something. If they don't like it they say, "like it." However, if they actually like it then they get to say that they "love it" or that they "want some more of it." The whole point of the game is to never say something negative about the food. She said she doesn't want her kids to say something like, "ew gross" after trying new food. The whole game is to encourage her kids to eat. Sometimes it's hard to even get kids to eat food to grow big and strong so the game encourages her kids to eat more food and to have fun while trying their food.

Garner comically said that her kids aren't big eaters and she has found that the harder she works on a meal the less likely her kids are to eat it. If she is really putting time and effort into preparing the food her kids will most likely to say, "no I am not hungry." She did say that her daughter Violet is the biggest eater and is the most foodie out of all of the children.

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