Jennifer Lawrence's Texts To Amy Schumer Post-Baby Are Undeniably Hilarious & Relatable

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are without a doubt the best of friends. They always have each other’s backs, enjoy spending girly time together and have one of the best friendships in the entertainment industry. But now that Amy Schumer is a mom to her newborn son Gene Attell Fischer, the dynamic between them has changed a little bit. Here’s why.

According to Scary Mommy, the new mom and comedian shared a series of text messages that she got from Jennifer Lawrence asking her to explain a few things from the hit Hulu original series, The Handmaids Tale. For a lot of girlfriends that like to group text their friends about their favourite television series, this is pretty typical.

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However, things have changed for Schumer in the last few weeks. She doesn’t have as much time to dedicate to watching her television shows mostly because she’s been taking care of Baby Gene around the clock. And that’s something Lawrence doesn’t seem to understand.

In the text messages, which Schumer recently shared on her Instagram story, Lawrence starts off by saying that there are certain elements of the plot that she doesn’t understand about Handmaids Tale Season 1 and Season 2. After firing off a series of texts, the actress realizes that Schumer isn’t responding, prompting Lawrence to ask her if she’s too busy taking care of her baby.

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Lawrence wrote, “I can’t remember where I left off. Are you asleep because of the baby? Are you asleep before 11? Is this because of the baby? Don’t make me resent the baby.”

Clearly, Schumer was pretty busy during that moment, otherwise, she would have responded to Lawrence’s texts. However, she did screenshot the rant and captioned it with, “Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby.” Schumer also shared another Instagram post of her and Baby Gene and captioned that one with, “Oh ok so I can’t watch Handmaids anymore. #filledwithregret.”

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It's safe to say that both Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are on the same page with this one: both ladies are regretting the fact that they can’t keep up with the popular television series. But in Schumer’s case, we have a feeling that she is not regretting her son Gene one bit. The comedian has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes photos of her newborn son and from what we can tell, she’s got nothing but pure love for him, even if that means she can’t watch as much television anymore.

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