Jersey Shore: 20 Things To Know About Deena Cortese's Pregnancy

It seems like we may never stop hearing about everything to do with the Jersey Shore and its cast, who originally rose to fame less than a decade ago. Now that many of them have started to grow and have children, we're hearing about them all over again-just not in the way we used to.

JShore publicity has moved away from partying and getting into trouble and now focuses on changing diapers and feeding babies. Deena Cortese is the latest Jersey Shore lady to announce she is expecting, and her baby is due any day now. Deena appeared on the Jersey Shore from 2010 to 2012, was on the spin-off show Snooki & Jwoww from 2012-2014, and is now on the brand-new reboot Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She is an integral part of the Jersey Shore family. She and her husband, Christopher Buckner have been married since October 28th, 2017 and announced the arrival of their new baby this past July.

Much like we do for the rest of the cast, we need to know everything we can about this pregnancy and what it could mean for Deena and the rest of the Jersey Shore family. From baby bumps to gender to the reaction of the rest of the cast, we have all the juicy details about this new baby.

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20 It’s A Boy!

Finding out the gender of a baby is such an exciting time for any new parent. If a couple decides they want to discover if they need to buy pink or blue, they wait anxiously for the results. Deena is no different, she knew she was going to find out the gender of her baby and she planned on a special announcement.

The pair held a gender reveal party, something that is quite popular now, and was able to reveal the gender in front of all their friends and family. It turns out that the pair are welcoming a beautiful baby boy.

19 An Excited Mom!

Becoming a mom for the first time can be a very exciting time, and Deena is simply over-the-moon with the arrival of her son. Deena sat down with PEOPLE to reveal a tidbit of how she feels about becoming a mom,

“We’ve been getting the baby’s room ready. I just had my baby shower, so we got most of our stuff.”

She goes on to say, “We’re just anxiously waiting for him to arrive. I’m so excited, and now he’s moving more. It’s just amazing. We can’t wait for him to be here.”

It turns out, Deena is no different than any other pregnant woman. She is excited about getting everything set up and she is enjoying feeling the movements of her little one inside of her.

18 All In A Name

Picking a baby name is not an easy task to do, and some people don’t even have a name picked out until the baby is born. Then there are parents who know the name but choose not to share it until the arrival date to ward off any unwanted opinions. Deena is neither of these types of parents as she has shared the baby’s name with the world.

She announced that her son’s name is Christopher John or CJ for short. The inspiration behind the name is equally as sweet. The first name is after the baby’s father and Deena’s husband, but the second name is after Deena’s father. Deena’s father, John, passed away in 2016 after a long battle with Leukemia.

17 How Do The Castmates Feel About It?

When you are on a show for so long it is hard to not develop a great bond with people, and the cast of Jersey Shore are all friends. Even though they go through their rough times, they are always there for each other when push comes to shove. This situation is no different.

Deena stated that her cast mates have been nothing but supportive this entire time, especially the two ladies she is closest to; Snooki and JWoww. “Everybody makes me feel super comfortable, Jenni and Nicole have been amazing. If I have issues or questions, I go to them. They usually make me feel better if I’m nervous about something.”

16 Waited To Share The News

The decision to share pregnancy news is nobody’s business other than the two people who are having the baby. It can be hard to keep things a secret when you are in the public eye, but somehow, Deena made it work. The pair only revealed their pregnancy news in July, meaning that Deena was in her second trimester.

The announcement read, “Chris and I decided to wait until we were ready to spill the beans! Now that we are safely into our second trimester, us and our little monkey are ready to tell the world our family is growing.” This is normally when most couples reveal their pregnancy because the chance of loss goes down dramatically.

15 Baby Could Be Here Any Day

Deena and her husband Chris announced their pregnancy in honor of the fourth of July holiday, stating that they were expecting a new little firecracker. Since she was already a few months along this mean that her baby is due in December. Not that we need a reminder, but we are in the middle of December and this baby could come any time.

Fans all over are anxiously waiting and checking their social media to watch for a birth announcement. Word travels fast in today’s world, so it is normal to expect that as soon as little CJ is born, the world will know about it.

14 All About Those Cravings

Cravings are something all pregnant woman have to deal with. There are certain foods or drinks that a pregnant mom needs to have, and it is always fun to hear about what they are. It is fun because they are normally odd food combinations that no one would ever think to eat. Deena is no exception and she has dealt with her own pregnancy cravings.

During an Instagram post, Deena revealed what she has been craving this pregnancy. She stated at her 16-week bump date that she was craving fruit, candy, and ice pops. Not the weirdest cravings we have ever heard of, and we hope her husband pulled through.

13 Since Baby Bumps Are A Thing

The world loves a good baby bump, and they love to talk about them. Some women are criticized for posting too many baby bump pictures, and some people can’t get enough of them. You are never going to please everyone in this world. Deena shared her very first bump pic on Instagram with the following caption,

“Excited to share our pregnancy journey with all of you! Our first bump pic. Don’t worry I won’t post bum pics every single week!”

She posted this picture when she was 14 weeks along and received a lot of love and support for it. Snooki even took to offer her support, commenting, “STOP MY LITTLE BUMP!”

12 A Pregnancy Scare

Pregnancies are not always full of rainbows and sunshine, sometimes they are scary and dangerous. Deena went through her own little pregnancy scare early on in her pregnancy and decided to share her story. While sitting down for an interview with some of her cast mates from Jersey Shore, Deena revealed some scary information

She shared that she had recently been put on bed rest due to some prenatal bleeding. “Last week, I had a scare. I get emotional because it’s scary. I just started bleeding, but I’m fine. Honestly, the scariest moment in my life, I was a nervous wreck, but Christopher was so calm, thank God.”

11 Will She Settle Down?

One thing many people know about all the Jersey Shore TV shows is that the participants tend to party and get in a bit of trouble. Deena is no different. Deena was often seen on the first season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation having a little too much to drink and getting into some mischief, yelling and passing out.

It is safe to assume that she will settle down when she becomes a mom, as she seems to have since becoming pregnant. Becoming a mother can change you in the best of ways, and it seemed to work for her other friends on the show.

10 “Meatball Babies”

Deena had gained a nickname of “meatball” during the time on the show, and this known nickname had fans guessing that a baby was on the way well before an official announcement was made. During the season finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Deena remarked that she was extremely excited to be going home.

She even stated that she was so excited to go home and make “meatball babies.” Now, she was not pregnant at the time, but fans hear her intentions loud and clear with that statement and they all waited for an inevitable announcement. Sometimes, fans of reality TV can sense things are about to happen before they do. They are a curious bunch.

9 More In The Future?

It seems like everyone wants to know everyone’s business, especially when they are in the spotlight, and Deena is no different. Even before the birth of her first child, the public already wants to know if she is planning on having more. Deena has made many references to having a large family, and she has shown no interest at stopping at one.

While it really is no one’s business how many children people plan on having, celebrities never a moment of privacy and it is only normal to expect these types of questions. We are sure after the arrival of little CJ, fans will be watching for the announcement of a second baby.

8 What Do Fans Think?

When someone is on a show, any show, on TV they are often very concerned with what their fans think. They are not really focused on the negative comments and interest, but they want to please the happy fans. The true fans of the show are valued by cast mates, after all, they are the ones that make the show possible by watching it.

So, what did the fans think when Deena announced her pregnancy? Well, the true fans were elated and are very excited to watch this pregnancy unfold and for Deena to welcome a little boy. Everyone likes the idea of a new little baby and you just can’t help but get excited.

7 Was She Pregnant While Filming?

The whole point of a reality show is that it shows every aspect of people’s lives, nothing is off-limits. A lot of people wonder if Deena was pregnant when they were filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Season one was filmed before Deena fell pregnant so there is no hidden baby bump to be found their f you are thinking about going back and watching again.

However, she was pregnant when they were filming the second season. Fans will get to take a peek at her pregnancy journey when they tune in to the second season of the show. Of course, by the CJ will have been born and will already be here.

6 Marriage Problems?

Every couple has problems, the only difference is that our problems are not usually displayed for the entire world to see. Deena and her now husband, Christopher, had their own share of problems. If left to work it out like a normal couple, things may never escalate as much as they do.

Deena and Christopher actually went for some marriage counseling which is always the healthy thing to do when two people want to work on their relationship. The pair has worked through their challenges and are now stronger than ever as they await the arrival of their son. They state that it was a tough time, but the counseling sessions really helped them come back together.

5 Gender Surprise

Gender reveal party is something that is a newer trend, but it is a hit. There are countless videos on the internet showing these reveals. Some of them are fairly simple, while others are more extravagant. The gender reveal for Deena’s baby was a simple box containing either pink or blue.

The moment of the reveal is always full of excitement and anticipation. When the box revealed the pair were having a baby boy, the feelings were overwhelming. Deena was, of course, excited but she was even more excited to see her husband’s reaction. Christopher was clearly over the moon to be welcoming a little boy.

4 He Will Not Be A Lonely Boy!

Friends are important, anyone on the Jersey Shore knows that, and they have all developed a close relationship with each other. Some are better friends than others and Deena is especially close to Snooki and JWoww. The great thing about this friendship is both of these women also have children of their own.

This means that when CJ is born, he will immediately have a small group of friends by his side. It will surely be exciting to watch them all grow up together and play. It is also great for Deena who will be able to have playdates with two moms’ that she already loves and admires.

3 Will She Remain On The Show?

Pregnancy and welcoming a baby are two major life events, and they can change anything. Some fans have wondered if this new arrival may mean that Deena will no longer be on the show. There has been no official statement that Deena has any plans to leave the show once her baby is born.

As we already stated, Deena was pregnant while they were filming season two. Fans will get to follow along with the pregnancy and may even get a glimpse of the birth. Cast members who appear on shows like this typically get compensation. Remaining on the show will mean that Deena can provide for her son.

2 Bump Updates

When a celebrity or someone we admire is pregnant, we start constantly watching them on social media. We want to be aware of every update, every baby kick, and every bump picture. Some people post bump pictures more than others and it all depends on what the person is comfortable with.

Deena had posted an earlier bump pic saying that she was not going to post weekly updates like a lot of people do. She still shared a fair number of pictures cradling her little bump and fans could not get enough. Deena posted quite a few bump pics and they were mostly with a chalkboard sign that stated how far along she was and what the size of the baby was at that particular week of gestation. Fans will be quite sad when CJ is born, and these pictures go away.

1 They Went On A Babymoon

Babymoons are becoming quite popular today with parents who are expecting a baby. It is a chance to get away for one last time (for a while anyway) and be together as a couple. When the baby comes, there is little time to play and parents need to take advantage of this when they can.

Deena and Christopher went on a babymoon and shared some super sweet pictures with the world. Deena and Christopher went to the Bahamas and enjoyed time as a couple for the last time. There is no word on when Deena will have her baby because she has kept the actual due date a big secret. Which means we all may have to wait just a little bit longer for a cute picture of CJ.

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