‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Cortese Discusses The Struggles Of Filming With A 10-Month Old

Deena Cortese talks about how much she loves her son but explains how difficult it is to film a reality show and be a parent.

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Jersey Shore Deena Cortese talks about the ups and downs of parenting her 10-month-old son CJ while trying to film a reality television show. She told Us Weekly and other reporters at the E! People’s Choice Awards 2019. “It’s such a headspace. I want to just be with him 24-7, but at the same time this show gives him opportunities and I love being with my roommates. So it’s such a double-edged sword, you know? But at the end of the day, I know the show is good for him and I have to work too. Luckily … I can be mostly a stay at home mom. It just takes me away here and there.”

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Cortese shared that when she isn't filming she loves being with her son and her husband, Christopher Buckner. She was gushing over her sweet little baby boy and then she said that she just loves him so much! Deena has loved becoming a mother even though it has been a little bit difficult. She wasn't expecting it to be so challenging but she is just so grateful for her sweet little baby and has admitted that he is growing up way too fast. Her little boy is already walking! On November 8 she uploaded a video of her little one walking and captioned it, "It’s happening ❤️ his first steps 😩 #firststeps."

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It’s happening ❤️ his first steps 😩 #firststeps

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The video of him walking came a few days after Deena shared a photo of her baby tunring 10-months-old. She captioned a post of her sweet baby, "Hey guys! Its me CJ I’m 10 months old today !! Mommy and Daddy have introduced so many new foods to me.. Meatballs are my favorite .. probably bc my mommy is a meatball! I also love peanut butter! I just started balancing on my own and I love walking with mommy and daddy holding their hands .. mommy thinks I’m gonna walk really soon! I had my first Halloween this month and i went trick or treating and we went pumpkin picking ! I love doing new things with my mommy and daddy ❤️ I have a huge personality and everyone thinks I’m hysterical ! Okay I’m gonna go play .. thanks for following my journey ❤️."

We loved that we have been able to watch Deena became a mother and we are so grateful that she continually shares photos of her son and that we have been included in her parenting journey. Cj is just the cutest baby in the entire world. We hope that Deena continues to keep us updated about her life and her son.

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