Jessa Duggar Might Be Pregnant With Third Child

There is speculation that Jessa Duggar is already pregnant with her third child.

In Touch Weekly is reporting the reality star and her husband are expanding their family once again. The magazine claims an unnamed source used Reddit to share the news that Duggar and Ben Seewald are having another baby. Whoever the source is gave a pretty lengthily statement, which included that the source recently saw the 25-year-old who now looks about three to four months preggers.

It is important to note the Reddit user's information is throwaway information, which means the person behind the so-called truth can’t be identified. In fact, the person says as much when posting the news on Reddit.

Via Reddit

“I'm using a throwaway because I don't want to be identified, but I have some insider news... Jessa is preggers!” starts the message.

Yes, there is no way to trace the message, but the source does go all out recalling their time at the Seewald household. They elaborate that the way Jessa looked could not simply be from eating too much for dinner, however considering her son Henry literally just celebrated his first birthday, she could very well have not lost the baby weight from that pregnancy.

Speculation has been surrounding Duggar and Seewald for weeks, regarding the couple expecting their third child. Another thread on Reddit recently showed a picture of Duggar looking as though she could be pregnant again. There has not been any confirmation from the family yet, which is interesting. It is very unlike the Duggar family to keep baby news a secret. They are generally very excited when it comes to sharing wedding and baby joy with the public.


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An unnamed source is now claiming to have proof Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third child. The 'proof' is the person saw the 19 Kids and Counting alum and claims that she looks to be in her second trimester. It could explain why Duggar has been keeping a low profile the past few weeks. Or it could be a completely made up account of an event and sighting that never happened. One thing is for sure if Duggar is truly pregnant - she won’t be able to keep it a secret forever.

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