Jessica Alba Discusses Going to Therapy With Daughter Honor

Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba has opened up about the trails and tribulations of parenthood during Her Campus Media's eighth annual Her Conference, according to PEOPLE. The 38-year-old star admitted to taking her 10-year-old daughter, Honor-Marie, with her whenever she goes to therapy. By doing so, Alba hopes that she can open up the lines of communication between mother and daughter so that she can be the best mom she can be.


The Sin City actress went on to talk about the complexities within her own family growing up, and how her family didn't cultivate an open channel of communication. Instead, they believed that the only person you should talk to about certain things was a priest. This is a cycle that Alba hopes to break with all of her children. As well as Honor, Alba has 7-year-old Haven Garner and one-year-old Hayes, whom she shares with husband Cash Warren.

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The entrepreneur often has her hands full juggling her responsibilities for The Honest Company with raising her children. She's spoken candidly about her parenting skills in the past, telling PEOPLE in a previous interview that she often has to work hard at things that don't come naturally to her. Although Alba and Warren have been blessed enough to give their children good lives, she often tells them that it's not something they should take for granted. She's quick to point out that she works hard to provide for her kids, and also tells them that nothing in this world comes for free.

Therapy can be costly, but it's a popular staple for celebrities. Many attest to the benefits of seeing someone on a regular basis- including Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama and Jon Hamm. Mental health is just as important as physical health; and with the stigma surrounding these issues slowly breaking down, we're seeing more and more celebrities discussing it in the media.

While it's certainly not for everyone, children can benefit greatly from having mediation, as it often allows them to talk about things they otherwise wouldn't. Teenagers especially can find it an invaluable resource as they go through huge changes. So perhaps Alba's choice to bring Honor to her therapy session is a wiser choice than we initially thought.

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