Jessica Alba Gets New Post-Pregnancy Haircut

Jessica Alba revealed a new post-pregnancy haircut, and it truly proves just how much difference a few inches can make.

Jessica Alba sported long and luscious hair last year, showing the beauty benefits of being pregnant rocking both wavy hair and pin-straight looks that framed her radiant face and gorgeous complexion. However, after giving birth to her newborn son Hayes, which is the star's third child with husband Cash Warren, it seems as if the actress was ready for a change for this new chapter of motherhood.

On New Year’s Eve, Alba and husband Warren welcomed their newborn son. Now with a change of heart for her choice in hairstyle, Alba posted to her Instagram on March 7, 2018. She shared a time-lapse video of her hairstylist Chad Wood, chopping away several inches from her bohemian mane. “It feels sooo good to shed the pregnancy hair,” the lifestyle and wellness mogul wrote.

The new do, which hits just a few inches below shoulder-length, is perfectly fitting for this upcoming spring season. The simplified ‘do was a little above-the-neck spring cleaning, and shows off a fresh side that Alba is loving!

Alba, who started the Honest Company in 2011, wore a white shirt with Breton stripes when she went to the hairdresser’s chair. Her latest haircut video comes right after Alba shared a Snapchat of her two-month-old son Hayes, as he accompanied his working mama to the office.

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The couple recently celebrated son Hayes’ two-month mark by showing him off wearing an Honest Company diaper while lying on a blanket that had his name and the number of the months printed on it. How cute!

Along with the new hairstyle, Alba is also back in action and back to her pre-pregnancy routine. This includes doing up to three workout sessions a day and tending to her company. Talk about a woman who can do it all!

The actress is looking better than ever and seems to be handling being a mother of three, wife, actress, and CEO effortlessly. Kudos to you, Jessica, proving to be the boss that you are!

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