Jessica Simpson Shares How Her Pregnancy Just Got Better When She Broke Her Toilet

Pregnant Jessica Simpson sat down on the toilet and the back of the toilet broke. She shares the embarrassment with her fans.


Jessica Simpson has had a very rough pregnancy so far. She has shared her journey with her devoted fans through her use of Instagram. A few weeks ago she shared that her feet were really swollen and she wasn't sure what to do about the issue. Her fans came running with tons of advice and words of wisdom. Many women said that swelling is quite normal, but swelling can also be a sign of a more serious medical condition called Preeclampsia. Preeclampia isn't anything that she should be messed around with because it could potentially be deadly to baby, or mom. Thankfully, she got everything checked out and she seemed like she was fine.

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A few days ago Jessica shared with her fans that not only was she dealing with being large and pregnant, but then she also had the embarrassing and unfortunate experience of breaking the back of the toilet. Apparently when she sat down on the toilet she leaned backwards and the lid of the toilet broke right off the hinges of the toilet. She shared a picture of her holding the back of the toilet to her Instagram followers.

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The experience with the toilet seat was just icing on the cake, because Simpson also said that she has been dealing with very severe acid reflex. She can no longer lay down, because when she lays down she has a burning in her chest and her throat. She complained that she hasn't been able to sleep, because the pain of acid reflex has been too intense.

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Jessica Simpson thankfully hasn't dealt with any medical conditions, or pregnancy concerns. Pregnancy is uncomfortable and she is dealing with all of the many "joys" of growing a human. However, we all feel sorry for her that she broke the toilet. Isn't that just like the icing on the cake? Hopefully, Simpson can find some relief for her acid reflex and that she can continue growing a healthy little baby.

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