Jessica Simpson Disables Instagram Comments After Her Followers Criticize Her 4-Month Old’s Stroller

Jessica Simpson turned off the comments on her Instagram post after getting mom-shamed.

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As a mother, it is hard to post anything onto social media these days without being attacked by all of the sancti-mommies who think they know everything. It is almost impossible to ever post a photo that doesn't have at least a handful of mothers up in arms about what you posted. Celebrities have it much harder because they have so many followers and the followers believe they can say anything they want without hurting anybody feelings. Jessica Simpson was attacked by a whole bunch of haters after she posted a picture of her four-month-old daughter in a stroller.

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Jessica shared the picture of her little girl who was strapped nicely in a cute little stroller. The celeb mom wanted to show off how cute her daughter Birdie was and was expecting to get some love from her followers. Instead of people talking about cute she is and how adorable the little girl was in her stroller, the advice started coming in. One mother started telling Jessica that her daughter was not strapped into her carseat right. The commenter then went on to tell Simpson all about how she was supposed to appropriately strap her daughter into her carseat and how the carseat was not going to properly restrain her if she were to get into a car accident. Another mother jumped on to tell the judgy mom that "Birdie was clearly in a stroller." The mother told her to “Well maybe you should look again and see it’s a stroller instead of mom shaming." Simpson was not about to have any of this negativity on such an adorable picture of her daughter and so she decided to turn off the comments on her picture. Simpson wasn't having any of it.

Most all celebrities are accustomed to the being bombarded by the parenting police and thankfully many celebs are willing to clap back at their haters. Recently people were judging Jessica dying the ends of her daughter's hair a different color. Pink jumped in and said that many people were being rude to Jessica Simpson for letting her child dye her hair. Pink wanted to show her support by letting her 8-year-old daughter dye her hair blue. She then comically shared the hashtag "#parentpoliceareactuallyjustlonelysadpeople." People were really happy by this hashtag and made everybody laugh. It is important for all moms to ignore the haters and just keep doing you!

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