Jessica Simpson Gives Birth And Shares That She Is 'Done Having Kids'

We have been there every step of the way and we have been patiently waiting for this moment! Jessica Simpson gives birth to her third (and probably last) baby!

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It's the moment we have all been waiting for! Jessica Simpson has FINALLY given birth and we are so excited for her and her family! Congratulations Jessica on your new sweet little baby girl! We have followed Jessica's pregnancy saga from the beginning and it feels like we have had ups and down along with her through her pregnancy journey.

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Jessica gave birth to her daughter on March 19! They named their daughter Birdie Mae Johnson and she was a huge baby coming in at 10 lbs 13 ounces! Oh my goodness Mama! Jessica said that she shared an update about her daughter on Instagram and then a few moments later her water broke.


The family is so over the moon excited about the little bundle of joy. Jessica has shared that Birdie is going to complete their family and that she is certainly done having children. She said this before her daughter was even born. She is trying to convince her husband to get a little "procedure" done to prevent any surprises from happening.  Jessica has not had a very fun pregnancy and she shared with us all of her many trials and tribulation throughout while pregnant with baby #3. She shared pictures of her swollen ankles, pictures of her being uncomfortable with acid reflex, she spent time in the hospital for Bronchitis, she spent time in the hospital for sciatic and then to top it all off, she broke the back of the toilet seat when she sat down. It certainly hasn't been smooth sailing, but little baby girl has been healthy along the way.

Birdie is joining Jessica's older two children, daughter Maxwell Drew, 6, and son, Ace Knute, 5. The siblings are already completley in love and they are excited to bring Birdie home and love on her even more! Once again, congratulations to Jessica and her family on their new baby daughter!

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