Jessica Simpson Hires Personal Trainer After Birth Of Third Baby

Jessica Simpson is already making plans to get back in shape now that her baby Birdie has been born.

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We all followed Jessica Simpson during her pregnancy journey. She certainly didn't have a very easy pregnancy. She shared with her followers all about her struggles and all we could do was support and sympathize with her through her pregnancy tribulations. Jessica dealt with extremely swollen ankles, sciatic pain, extreme acid reflex, she broke the back of her toilet seat and then she spent a week in the hospital when she got bronchitis. She was so relieved when she finally was able to give birth to her big baby, Birdie.

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Jessica gave birth to her daughter on March 19 and she is already thinking about getting back into shape. Jessica said that she has already hired a personal trainer, so that right when she has recovered from delivery and she is cleared to exercise she will start training really hard to get back into shape. She is wasting no time and she is clearly very motivated to be able to get her body back. Birdie is their last baby and so she will be excited to get back to her original form.

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Jessica has really loved having her daughter here. She is just obsessed with little Birdie's cheeks and she loves to kiss her. Jessica would much rather have her daughter be here than having to be pregnant again since she had such a hard pregnancy. Dealing with a newborn has been much easier. Her other children are also completely smitten by their newest arrival. In one of the pictures she shared on Instagram was a picture of one of her children holding the baby's little chubby hand.

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Good for you Jessica on wanting to get back in shape and get fit. However, we wanted to say that you are gorgeous no matter what size you are and we love you no matter what! As moms we focus so much on being skinny and the "perfect" size, but we have to remember the most important part is to be healthy.

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