Jessica Simpson Pleads For Help With Her Incredibly Swollen Pregnancy Feet

Jessica Simpson is very pregnant and she shared a picture of her swollen feet pleading for help from her fans.

Slightly swollen feet are very common in late pregnancy. Many women notice that their sock fit a little tighter, and often they can't even wear the same shoes that they once did before they were pregnant.  Most women will deal with some swollen ankles, but typically it is not very noteworthy. However, some women deal with such bad swollen ankles that their ankles look like they grew 10 sizes overnight.

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Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her swollen ankles on her Instagram and pleaded with her fans for help. She begged for advice or any remedies that might be able to help with the swollen ankles with which she was suffering. This is the first pregnancy that Jessica has had to deal with such incredibly swollen feet and she isn't quite sure how to approach the situation.

Via Instagram/Jessica Simpson

Many of her fans began to give her some suggestions such as putting her feet up and soaking her feet in Epson Salt. The most common response from her fans was that she needed to call her doctor or go to the ER right away. One of her fans mentioned that she should talk with Kim Kardashian. If we remember Kim's pregnancy with North, she got very swollen and uncomfortable. She got very puffy all over her body. It was later found out that Kim had preeclampsia and she ended up having to deliver North 6 weeks early. North had to stay in the NICU for a week due to her early delivery.

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Jessica is certainly more swollen than what is considered "typical" and hopefully she contacted her doctor about her swollen feet. Although everything might be completely fine, it is better for her to make sure that she isn't suffering from any major health issues that might jeopardize her, or the baby.

If you are suffering from any symptoms that you find to be out of the ordinary it is essential to contact your health care professional to discuss with them about the possibility of a bigger issue. Best of luck to Jessica, and we hope everything is perfectly fine!

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