Jessica Simpson Shares That Being A Mother To Three Kids Is Even Harder Than A Full Time Job

Jessica Simpson admits that being a mother of three is a full-time job.


Being a mother can be very taxing and difficult. As a mom, you are required to "do it all" and then make sure that you look great doing it. As a mother, we are required to take care of the household, cook healthy and well-rounded meals, raise perfect children who listen to us all of the time and to keep them involved in 100 million activities. Oh, and it's our jobs to make sure that they are never late to those activities. One of the hardest adjustments in motherhood is going from two children to three children. With three children you are all of a sudden outnumbered, and you don't have enough arms to help all of your children at once.

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Jessica Simpson has found the adjustment from two children to three quite difficult. Simpson said that it's been hard to add a third one and they are trying to get into a groove. They are trying to figure out ways that they can give each of their children the equal amount of attention and it's certainly a "full-time job right now."


Not only is Simpson trying to take care of her three children she is also trying to recover from a c-section. Simpson admits that recovering from a c-section is "no joke." Especially when the kids still demand just as much regardless of whether or not she is physically well. Simpson is a mother to her 5 week old Birdie, her 5-year-old son Ace and her 6-year-old daughter Maxwell.

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Simpson and her husband are trying to enjoy every little bit of her young little baby. She says that they are trying really hard to be present in their children's lives. They know how fast the newborn stage goes and so they don't want to miss a second of the little baby snuggles. Simpson said that just the other night all three of her kids were crying at the exact same time and she didn't know what to do, or who to help first. Jessica said that she didn't know what to do so she just joined in.

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