Jessie James Decker Dancing With Baby Bump And Cookie

Jessie James Decker Dancing With Baby Bump And Cookie

Jesse James Decker eating a cookie while rockin’ her baby bump is all of us.

Well, not all of us. Actually, y’know what? Really all of us at some point. Pregnancy isn’t necessarily required.

Anyway, check out country pop-singer Jesse James Decker, 36 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it. You can tell by the way she dances while slowly eating a chocolate chip cookie. Everything about her latest Instagram video just screams decadence. And virtual immobility.

Enjoying life

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“Enjoying life,” she captioned the video, which summarizes things pretty well.

This will be baby number three for Decker with hubby Eric, a former NFL wide receiver. It seems that every successful country singer picks up an NFL husband. Is that a thing? It sure seems like one.

The video comes shortly after a recent Instagram post that revealed she’s “beyond uncomfortable” at 36 weeks, but she’s toughing it out with the knowledge that this’ll be her last one. Just like a marathon runner who can see the finish line.


"36 weeks and some change... and beyond uncomfortable!” Jesse wrote. “This baby feels so low and my bladder has about had enough! Ha! Sleeping is just not even a thing anymore lol It is bittersweet though since this is my last pregnancy and it is a beautiful thing. I know I will miss this feeling one day and miss my baby roll around and kick and the sweet little hiccups. I love a lot of things I do in this life but nothing compares to how much I love being a mommy ❤️ #babynumber3 #36weeks #almostthere"

Jesse is certainly an inspiration to pregnant moms everywhere. She recently came out with her music video for “Flip My Hair” which features a somewhat less pregnant Decker along with a group of pregnant dancers.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4kL2z0CNb_4" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Shortly after the video dropped, Jesse took to Twitter to comment on dancing while pregnant. “I was just proud of being pregnant with number 3 and wanted to celebrate by brushing off the haters who think pregnant women/moms can’t do it all,” she wrote.


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