Jill Martin Of "Today" Shares Her Struggles As A Step-Mom

Jill Martin is trying to find her place in her fiance's family as the new step-mom.

Today's Jill Martin is a step-mom and she has been trying to navigate her way around the new role. She shared about her first family vacation with her fiance Erik Brooks. Brooks has three children from a previous marriage and now Martin is trying to find her place with these three children. Brooks' children don't really like the idea of having a step-mother and so they are trying to adjust to the new situation as well. Martin shares that Brooks' 11-year-old daughter, Bella, was not interested in having Martin in their lives. On their first family vacation, Bella was trying to get rid of Martin. Martin shares that if it was up to Bella, Martin would have left right that second.

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Jill shares that on the first day she went into the room and had unpacked all of her stuff. She went to go get something and when she had come back all of her stuff was re-packed into her suitcase and sitting by the front door. Bella was literally trying to send her out by packing all of Martin's bags for her. Martin shares, “I was so upset, I was hysterical crying. And Erik said to her, ‘How could you do this?’ He said, ‘Don’t you want me to be happy?’ And she said, ‘Don’t you want me to be happy?'”  It was a moment where they all realized how everybody was struggling with the situation.

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Martin shares that although they had a rocky start she gets along with Bella now. She has learned that she needs to talk to Bella about everything and they have to have good communication. Their relationship has since improved, but it has been a difficult journey. She is still trying to find where she fits into the family. It is such a tough place to be where you want a role with the children, but the children don't want you to have a role.

Martin and Brooks are very excited and happy to be able to start a life together. They are really in love. A few years back Martin shared with People that she had frozen her eggs. At the time she was not in a relationship, but she wanted to be a mother someday. She shared that she built a business that she is very proud of and she is very happy with her professional career. However, that meant that she didn't give her personal life the attention that it deserved. Due to that choice, she found herself a little bit "older" without a family. She had always wanted a family and so that is why she chose to freeze her eggs so that she would always have that option. So, we might be seeing a baby announcement here soon!

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