Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Shamed For Letting Daughter Eat Ribs

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo let their daughter eat ribs and tons of their Instagram followers scolded them for being abusive to animals.

Being a parent is very difficult for many reasons and it seems like it has become more difficult as the technology increases and more parents are communicating through social media. Parents are always under fire no matter what they post on social media and celebrity parents have it worse because they have so many followers who can just hide behind their keyboards. Celebrity parents load a cute picture onto their social media fully expecting people to love their photo because it shows their cute little baby. However, somehow all of the perfect parents of the internet come out and find something wrong to shame mom and dad about!

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Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo shared the cutest little picture of their daughter Felicity snacking on a rib. Jeremy titled his posts Ribs Against the Machine. The cute little lady is wearing a pink onesie and sweet little white bow. Nobody could possibly find anything offensive about this photo right? Of course, they can, this is the internet! One commenter wrote, "Oh here comes the Vegan Police." And that commenter was right! Many people came to comment about how they aren't teaching their daughter to respect animals. One person wrote, "Please think about the animal that was badly beaten in the face then shot, so you could post a picture of your daughter on Instagram eating ribs."

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👶🏻 + @ribsagainstthemachine = felicity.

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There were so many people who were mad that she was consuming meat and were appalled that the parents would allow their child to eat an animal! They were judged for not teaching their daughter about being nice to animals and this picture was just a terrible indication that they were not teaching their child any morals. Of course, there were many people who came to Jinger and Jeremy's defense and were completely confused about why the couple was being attacked for just showing their daughter eating ribs. One person said, "Holy wow..are people really judging and shaming them for eating meat?! NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE A DANG VEGAN 🙄."

All this couple did was post a sweet picture of their daughter eating ribs and they were accused of animal abuse! Apparently, if you eat meat then you don't love animals and you are abusive toward them according to many of Jinger and Jeremy's followers. Thankfully all of their fans didn't feel like the parents were doing anything bad by allowing their child to eat meat. Many people said that they love ribs! Other people commented about how cute the little girl looked and that her eyes were just beautiful. One commenter wrote, "just them live their lives!'

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