Mom-Of-Five Joanna Gaines Announces New Cookbook With Help From Her Son


Joanna Gaines has announced her next big project — she is releasing volume two of her cookbook!

The star of HGTV's phenomenally successful television show Fixer Uppertook to Instagram to share the news about the next edition of Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering, with wonderful pictures of herself and her son Crew, 11 months. The series of photos - taken in a breathtaking kitchen- shows Crew attempting to wiggle out of his mom's grasp. In the end, Crew is seen smiling and walking around with his mother's help.

"After months of developing and finalizing recipes, we are excited to start shooting Volume Two of our cookbook!" she wrote, jokingly adding about her squirming 11-month old. "Gonna have to talk with this little one's agent about his on-set behaviour...."

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The announcement came as wonderful news for the Gaines' fandom. In addition to expressing excitement over Gaines' forthcoming cookbook, many fans praised her for keeping it real and showing the not-so-perfect moments that often characterize motherhood.

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"Yes! Can’t wait! Love the first one so much!" Andy and Candis Meredith of Old Home Love on HGTV commented.

A release date for Magnolia Table Vol. II is not known yet, but given that the recipes have been tested and they are moving on to photo shoots, fall 2019 seems like a safe bet. The first of Joanna's cookbooks was released in 2018. The HGTV star told PEOPLE ahead of its release that she actually never intended to write one in the first place!

“I never set out to get the opportunity to share my recipes with the world,” she said. “That was never something that I put down as a dream.”

The best-selling author admitted that she wasn't always a cook, despite opening the Silos Baking Company and Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas, as part of their Magnolia empire.

“That first time that I cooked dinner for Chip and he really ticked me off, that set me back a little bit but then eventually I got over it and was like, ‘Hey, I mean I gotta try my hand at this,’” she added to the outlet. “So I think that’s why I have such a heart for it is that I really feel like this isn’t something that you have to be amazing at. It’s just the idea of getting after it, trying it, being okay with failing, but then there’s so much more reward.”

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