Joanna Gaines Shares If You Want To Feel Young Again, Just Have A Baby

Joanna Gaines has shared that if you want to feel young again then you should have a little baby!

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Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper Star, has 5 children with her husband Chip Gaines. They happily announced that that they were pregnant and they welcomed their newest addition in June 2018, Crew Gaines. Joanna was 40 years old when she gave birth to little Crew and we have been loving watching him grow up.

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Joanna sad that having baby Crew has definitely changed her for the better. She says that if you ever want to feel young again that you should have another baby, because it has given her a new life. She said that she has felt so much more laid-back and easy going. All of the people around her have noticed this change as well.  Joanna said that people have started calling her "fun Jo" now.

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Joanna and Chip were "done" having children. They felt like they were complete with their four beautiful children. However, having baby Crew come into their lives has been perfect. She feels like her life isn't as well planned and is way more spontaneous. She realized that with a little baby you can't plan things very well and most things you have to do by the seat of your pants.  People have been asking if Joanna and her husband are planning on having another child. She said that Crew wasn't planned at yet here we are. She said that Chip has been joking about how Crew really needs a little sister. A baby is certainly not planned, but then she says, "hey we have never been planners anyways."

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What we do know is that Chip and Joanna Gaines are the best parents and they are raising amazing children. They seem to not have let "stardom" change their Christian values and their values for their young children. They teach them hard work and they give them all of the love in the world. Plus, they also make adorable children! We are so grateful that the Gaines have allowed us into their lives!

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