YouTube Slime Superstar Joanna Zhou (AKA Maqaroon) Announces That She Is 9 Months Pregnant

Followers of Youtube's First Lady of Slime, Joanna Zhou (better known to her following as Maqaroon), were delighted and surprised to learn of her most recent announcement: that she is nine months pregnant.

Her message, seen by nearly 200,000 viewers at last count, came on the heels of another pivotal point in her career, namely that her YouTube channels Maqaroon and Cute Life Hacks celebrated five years of existence on December 20th. But it was more likely the other news that her fans were dying to hear more about.

"I never thought that my life would change so much in such a short space of time," said Zhou, who's best known for creative and innovative crafts, sometimes using slimy substances for added definition. Her use of the slime, more like a translucent gel available in kits imported from China and Japan, used to make anything from fake drinking cups to decorative squishy animal toys, have captivated roughly 2.5 million followers of both her video channels.

Zhou has promised to upload a video of her forthcoming arrival to answer any questions her followers have about her latest news. That's when she'll let everyone know the baby's name and gender as well as the reason for all the secrecy the past few months. In the meantime, she said she would be posting updates on the status of her pregnancy on her Instagram account.

Besides becoming a mom, Zhou said she plans to organize her life and career, beginning with the archiving of five years of tutorials on her recently-launched website. Currently, they're scattered on her website channels and several playlists, which has made accessing a particular topic a real chore in itself for craft fans.

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While Zhou might have her work cut for her taking care of an infant and satisfying the needs of an eager following, it sounds like she's up to the task. The Chinese-born video host who currently resides in Austria originally pursued a career in graphic design after graduating from the University of the Arts London in England.

But her fascination for crafts, especially using some rather exotic ingredients, manifested itself into a career on YouTube. She has another revenue stream of an online craft store where most of her documented creations are for sale. That said, it's another way for her to be a positive influence on her largely female following.

"My dream is to inspire girls to live creatively and develop ambitions for work and business," she said. "I believe all girls should build their self-confidence based on their intelligence & creativity instead of defining themselves by their appearance."

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