How To Handle Job Loss With A New Baby

Nothing is more stressful than losing a stable, what is supposed to be long term job. In this economy, there is a lack of stable jobs and fewer jobs paying enough to save six to twelve months in emergency savings. In fact, in the US alone, 55 million adults don't even have emergency savings. A lot of countries have larger safety nets for parents and citizens in general, but if you're in the US losing a job could be more devastating.

If you don't have a savings and you don't have a good paid parental leave (and your partner loses their job), what happens when you find yourself or partner standing in the unemployment line with a newborn? You have formula and diapers, a mortgage (or rent), car bills and all your other normal bills but now you have a tiny, helpless life depending on you. Losing a job is stressful in itself, but when you're a new parent, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help survive until you can find another job.

Don't be afraid to seek help, if you burn through your savings and find you still haven't found a job, that is what government assistance is really for. Don't be afraid to head down to the DHHR in your area and apply for food and WIC benefits. They won't pay for your diapers but they will help with formula and other nutritional needs, as well as some cash assistance to help get by. TANF requires you to be searching for work but look further into their assistance because TANF can open some doors other government benefits don't. Religious and non-religious charities can fill in where welfare doesn't.


Look at the local unemployment office as well. They have job listings, places to sign up for courses to further education as well as other employment resources, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation but even if you're not, they have listings you sometimes can't find on job search websites.

If you have an education, a skill or talent that you can use online, start up a side business to try to make a little extra income at home. There are some things you can start up for little to no upfront cost (services) and others with low fees (Etsy only charges twenty cents to list and the rest of their fees are taken when you make a sale. Ebay and Amazon are other options with fees mostly based on sales).

Don't let it stress you out too bad. It's a bad situation, especially if you have little to no help at home, but stress can make you sick. You need to be fully functional while taking care of baby and situations will be temporary.

Always keep in mind, any lapse in a job will be temporary. If you have the ability to go back to school, there are programs that are in demand that don't last the full four years that a university degree requires.

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