Joe & Kendra Duggar Share First Photo At Home With Their Newborn Baby Girl

Here comes the Duggar family! Joe and Kendra recently shared some great photos of their newborn daughter Addison, who was born two weeks ago, along with their son Garrett, who is 17-months-old. This is the first glimpse fans have gotten of the newborn baby girl.

Joe and Kendra Duggar are home enjoying their babies and are rejoicing about their family of four. The couple shared their joy, saying, "We've quickly adjusted to being a family of four. Our new pastime is staring and smiling at this precious new face! Garrett is very interested in his new sister. We may be a little tired but what we lack on sleep has been made up in happiness!"

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When baby Addison was born two weeks ago, they made a love-filled statement stating, "Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her! She made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts."

They also added that they know their elder son Garrett will be a great big brother. And as the Counting On stars couple always believes, "children are each a special gift from God " - they can't stop sharing their gratitude and joy on the new addition. In April, when the public announcement was made regarding Kendra's second pregnancy, they proclaimed, "We are ready to double the fun at our house!" The couple had always enjoyed parenting - much more than they had expected or imagined it to be. They both were hand-on parents and loved each moment and milestone of Garrett.

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So, needless to say, the news of the second pregnancy made them utterly happy, as they wrote, "Our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!” added the overjoyed parents. It was seven months later that Addison was born 20.5 inches long, weighing 7 pounds and 12.5 ounces.

Kendra and Joe married in September 2017. Their son was born in June 2018, while daughter Addison was born on November 2, 2019. They have a lot on their plates after having two kids within two years. But both of them are elated about it and are hoping for a lot of excitement in the load.

When pregnant, Kendra said that they are already doing baby tasks, and it will just be an addition. They both will be busy taking care of the little ones, and its challenging since their newborn will not be able to do much. But they were excited to take up this chapter of life and also hope for many more such blessings in the coming times.

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Mom is happy that they are closely aged and loves to see them grow together as siblings. The brother and sister hopefully will grow up to be the best friends to each other too.

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