John-David Duggar And Wife Abbie Burnett Announce They're Having A Baby Girl

John-David and Abbie Duggar are expecting a little baby girl and they are both very excited!

John-David Duggar and his wife, Abbie (Burnett) Duggar are happy to announce that they are going to be expecting a little baby girl! Abbie shared that she was so excited for hair bows, pink dresses and lots of sparkles. She was very excited to be able to figure out that her baby was going to be a little girl. John-David said that he is very excited to be able to have another girl around the house. He said that he already has one girl around the house so he is very blessed to have another one! He then said, "I just hope she’s as pretty as her mommy, I know she will be!”

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The gender reveal party was absolutely amazing and incredibly creative. The couple revealed that they were going to have a baby while they were on a plane. The couple went up in a plane and they held a onesie that said, "Baby Passenger on Board." The couple decided to take the flight theme and incorporate it into their gender reveal as well. When guests showed up they all got a boarding pass. The boarding passes had numbers on them. One number indicated that the baby was going to be a boy and one number indicated that the baby was going to be a girl. Then John's brother, Jeremiah, flew a plane over them with a banner showing the correct flight number. Then confetti cannons on the ground sprayed pink streamers!

John-David proposed to Abbie in 2018. He proposed in an airplane hanger in front of a sign that said, "Abbie will you marry me?" The couple then got married in November. John is so very excited to be able to have a child of his own. He has been around kids his whole life due to his large family, but he is very excited to be able to have a kid of his own to raise He says that he is so very grateful for God allowing them this opportunity and they are just on "Cloud 9" about everything.

Congratulations to John-David and Abbie! We are very excited for you two and we are hoping that you have a healthy rest of your pregnancy! We are excited for a little baby girl!

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